23 Of The Most Unique And Awesome Restaurants In The World You’d Definitely Want To Dine

#1. Sci-fi Dine-in Theater Restaurant in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, US.

#2. Dine in the water at Bora Bora.


#3. Enjoy your dinner at Cave Restaurant in Apulia, Italy.

#4. Dine with giraffes at Giraffe Manor in Kenya.

#5. Surround your dine-in experience with a breathtaking view at Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant 3842m up in Chamonix, France.

Aiguille du Midi Restaurant

#6. If you’re a LOTR fan, you’ll be amazed at The Green Dragon Pub in Hobbiton, New Zealand.


#7. Enjoy your cup of coffee at Truth Coffee in Cape Town, South Africa.

Shanna Jones

#8. Be enchanted while enjoying dinner at Ali Barbour’s Cave Resto in Kenya.


#9. Dine at this beautiful Cave Restaurant in Negril, Jamaica.


#10. Meals are grilled over a volcano at El Diablo, Lanzarote, Spain.

Mariola Gómez Encinas

#11. Chill while your dinner’s served in The Snowcastle of Kemi in Kemi, Finland.

Kemin LumiLinna – The SnowCastle of Kemi

#12. Dine in the middle of a waterfall at Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in Villa Escudero Resort in the Philippines.

#13. Enjoy dinner with a view of the Indian Ocean at The Rock, Michamvi Pingue, Zanzibar.

Carlos Antunes

#14. Dine in the abyss at The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Maldives.

 #15. At Bad Owl Coffee, your coffee will be served with a hint of magic.


#16. The CuliAir Sky Dining is the only restaurant that serves a meal on a hot air balloon.

Caters News Agency

#17. Bistrot Chez Rémy in Disneyland Paris, France has a Ratatouille theme — with no live talking mouse, of-course.

#18. Lions and lionesses at Tsavo Lion Restaurant in Bali make great companions at dinner.

#19. Special dates and events can be celebrated at The Redwoods Tree House in New Zealand

Lucy Gauntlett

#20. Have a feast in this Game of Thrones theme restaurant at All Men Must Dine in London, UK.

Rose Thomas

#21. This is the Bicycle Bar in Bucharest, Romania for urban cyclists.

Cristian Vasile

#22. The Barbie Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan.

#23. And there’s a medical-theme bar in Singapore, called The Clinic Bar.


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