Firefighter Forced To Direct Traffic In Heavy Rain, Has Enough And ‘Blows Off Steam’ In Front Of His Team

Rainy days are up ahead, folks! But that doesn’t mean we are expecting any gloomy sceneries, though.

When flood warnings are issued after days of heavy rains, we look for ways to lift up our spirits in the midst of the gloomy weather. Most of us would look forward to staying indoors, curled up with a hot drink and bingeing on our favorite TV shows.

But when your work entails keeping local citizens safe from the harsh weather, your idea of a good time in spite of the climate might be a little bit different. Especially when you’ve had a long and tiring week ensuring you get your job done.

As Derek Knight of the Decatur Fire Department in Arkansas was directing traffic one rainy day, he decided that he needed a change in pace.

Since he’s only been with the department for a year, he’s still considered a rookie. And that means that he’s always assigned the jobs that nobody else wants.

“There was a lot of flooding,” he said. “I was the rookie in the departments so I got to direct the traffic while everybody else stayed in the truck.”

Though he loves his job, he admits that most of the time it is never fun. Especially when you have to dispatch in the rain to guide traffic while the rest of your teammates remain under cover.

To tease him a little bit, Knight’s chief began playing music over the firetruck’s loudspeakers.

And that’s when Knight decided that he has had enough of being the one having to stay under the rain.

After a demanding and tiresome week, Knight confesses that he was looking for some form of release, “Any fireman will tell you that sometimes, you’ve got to blow off a little steam.”

So what does a tired fireman to do? Bust a move, of course!

After a long day of closing roads and directing traffic the rookie gets a little bored but knows how to boost the moods of all the firemen!

Posted by Decatur Fire Department on Saturday, April 29, 2017

When his chief turned the volume up to the classic song “Kung Fu Fighting”, Knight instantly turned his baton into improvised nunchucks! Fortunately, no cars were around, otherwise motorists would have been confused where to go.

Rather than letting the rain and his frustrations get him down, the talented fireman instead danced his stress off. He even wiggled his behind for the rest of his team to see and capture on video.

Knight says while laughing, “When you’re that tired, you’ll pretty much do anything to stay awake at that point.”

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