40 Best Rose Tattoos for Women in 2022

Rose tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. They come in a wide range of colors from deep red to peach and beyond. Some roses even have intricate details that give them a more realistic look as well as a feeling of depth. Rose tattoos are the perfect tattoo for women who want to show their femininity and sensuality with a beautiful design.

Rose tattoos come in many different designs and styles, so it is easy to find one that will represent exactly what you want. Roses have a range of meanings, from showing love and devotion to representing respect, trust, beauty and appreciation. There are plenty of elegant rose tattoos for women that show these feelings in an understated way.

1. Simple Rose Tattoo

Simple rose tattoos are less intimidating because of their simplicity and this often makes them more feminine. Simple designs look great everywhere and are a low commitment option for those that don’t want to get something more elaborate inked.

2. Geometric Rose Tattoo

Combine the balance and symmetry of a geometric design with the beauty of the rose and you have yourself a winner. This tattoo looks both stylish and sophisticated.

3. A Colorful Rosebud Tattoo

The rosebud is a type of rose that has not opened into full bloom. It represents beauty and purity. A rose tattoo can incorporate any part of a rosebud, such as petals with stems and leaves or even without leaves and stems.

4. Realistic Rose Tattoo

Realistic tattoos are often drawn to resemble photographs or paintings. Different shading and line work techniques are used to create a 3D look on the skin. A realistic rose tattoo may also contain texture that mimics the petals. The petals themselves can be a multitude of colors, even creating a gradient effect if desired. They may include thorns and other realistic details to make the tattoo as lifelike as possible.

5. Tiny Rose Tattoo

Tiny rose tattoos are very popular among women these days. A tiny rose tattoo on the finger has a great symbolic meaning too. The rose is an embodiment of love and romance, but it is also feminine, delicate and graceful at the same time. Other places to have a tiny rose tattoo are the ankle and the wrist.

6. Small Rose Tattoo

A small rose tattoo is elegant and classy. It is typically inked on the wrist, upper arm, ankle, and abdomen. You can have it done in black ink or with any other color of your choice. Small rose tattoos also pair well with other rose accessories such as necklaces or rings.

7. Tribal Rose Tattoo

The Tribal Rose Tattoo shows the sharp contrast between black and red colors. The traditional design involves three sharp black lines to form a triangular shape filled with thick, dark red blossoms inside. The Tribal Rose Tattoo is a popular tattoo design that has been used for centuries. However, it became more popular when bikers used this tattoo in the 50’s and 60’s as a symbol of brotherhood and solidarity.

8. 3D Red Rose Tattoo

The 3D red rose tattoo has a pop-up effect on the skin. The design is formed by making the raised pattern of the petals that are painted in deep reds, pinks or maroons against black background. The three dimensional aspect makes it stand out from regular tattoos since the raised shapes are created by adding extra ink or depth to the tattoo itself.
A 3D red rose tattoo can be resized and adjusted over time as it is designed on skin, hence many people use them as a customizable art piece.

9. Neon Rose Tattoo

If you want an elegant and eye-catching tattoo, try these ultra-bright neon rose tattoos. This design is commonly used in science fiction and futuristic themes and settings. The colors used are usually pink and blue, but it can also be done in other neon colors such as yellow or green. These designs are geometric with blossoming petals. However, since tattoos using intense hues might not age as well and also rapidly fade, you might need to retouch within a year after getting the tattoo.

10. Diamond Rose Tattoo

A diamond rose tattoo is a rose that has been designed with a diamond design. The rose can be seen as pink, yellow or white, while the diamonds may also appear to be gold or silver in colour. Both the rose and the diamond signify everlasting love. The diamond rose tattoo is best placed on the arm.

11. Traditional Rose Tattoo

A traditional rose tattoo symbolizes love and beauty. Their color represents the diversity of life. They have a traditional meaning of innocence, happiness, gratitude, and everlasting love. Usually depicted as a rose bud to represent new beginnings or the opening up of one’s heart.

12. Rose Outline Tattoo

Many girls love to get a rose outline tattoo for their first tattoo. It is typically placed on their forearm or shoulder. It makes an interesting tattoo design as it has no shading or colour. You will find that outline tattoos often stand out more when done with black ink.

13.Watercolor Rose Tattoo

A rose can be a perfect design to tattoo, especially when it is watercolour style. Watercolour rose tattoos use soft lines to provide a natural look, although the rose petals are outlined in straight ways.

14. Heart and Rose Tattoo

Getting a heart tattoo is a great way to show your love. You can choose from simple designs or stunningly intricate pieces. For some, it may seem redundant to have a heart and a rose design in one tattoo, but these two elements reinforce one another. The heart and rose tattoo are usually large and look good on the shoulder, arm or shoulder blade.

15. Cross and Rose Tattoo

The rose petals are considered something to protect people from evil or bad luck, while the cross has been taken as a symbol of Christianity. Both these elements combined represent protection from sin and from the devil itself. That’s why most women choose this rose tattoos style for body parts like legs, shoulders and arms, where they can clearly show it off.

16. Compass Rose Tattoo

Women have used this symbol for centuries as a way of connecting with feminine energy. A compass rose tattoo signifies a woman’s ability to navigate her life and feelings on her own. The tattoo was brought to popularity in the mid-20th century, and there are many different variations of its meaning. The compass rose symbolizes navigation, guidance, and strength, and can also indicate a woman’s passion for adventure or love for travelling the world.

17. Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

If you’re a Disney princess fan, the Beauty and Beast story can inspire your tattoo design. The rose, in this case, represents love, time, and humility. Designs can be done as stained-glass or with a small rose in a glass container or a “protective” case of sorts. It will look great on its own but also showcases how much you love the classic Disney story!

18. Dead Rose Tattoo 

A dead rose tattoo is often used to pay tribute to a departed loved one. This floral design represents giving honour to those who have lost their lives and tells you they are never forgotten while also symbolizing strength found in their memory. It’s best seen in black, promising resilience and hope. The dead rose tattoo can be prominently placed on the shoulder, arm and forearm.

19. Rose with Thorns Tattoo

Roses can have thorns, but in some tattoo designs, the thorns are not highlighted. A rose with thorn tattoos often comes with contrasting symbols of life and death. You can have it designed to be traditional or modern, or geometric. It is a lovely design that will catch everyone’s attention when they see it. Show it off on your wrist, thigh, leg, arm, or shoulder.

20. Clock and Rose Tattoo

A clock and rose combination is an attractive option for a unique and beautiful design that will stand out. The clock and rose tattoo design for women can have different symbolic meanings. It could mean that time is running out, or someone has a deadline. If the rose is bleeding, it represents sadness and longing for someone who is no longer around. There are also rose designs with a hidden message you can read at different times of the day. Other people may interpret the rose design as having religious connotations, both Christian and Pagan symbolism. You can place the clock and rose tattoo on any visible body part.

21. Rose and Name Tattoo

An elegant combination of a rose flower with the name carved below it. The delicate design looks beautiful on any part of the body but is usually found on the girls’ wrist, shoulder, or back. You also get the chance to select from many different colours and styles of roses. Such tattoos are very feminine and symbolize love, beauty and elegance in one’s life.

22. Rose and Butterfly Tattoos

The rose and butterfly tattoo design can be drawn on the upper arm or wrist. However, it will look way better when placed on the lower back as it creates an illusion that it has spread its wings just above her waistline. This tattoo represents a strong woman who is confident of her sexuality and femininity. The style will also show how she likes to stand out from the crowd.

23. Skull and Rose Tattoo

When combined with skulls, the romantic rose becomes a fierce symbol. The skull and rose tattoo is perhaps the perfect fusion of rose tattoo designs and skull tattoos. The rose is surrounded by skulls that look like they are made up of human bones, giving this piece a surrealist feel. This design represents the cycle of life and death.

24.Money Rose Tattoo

If you are looking for an interesting and outlandish rose tattoo design, then money rose tattoos can be the most appropriate one for you. There are many designs, and their meaning varies from different cultures, but there is a strong implication of power in the money rose in any language. In short, it represents financial security and stability in a person’s life.

25. Black and White Rose Tattoo

The Black and White Rose Tattoo is a great choice for those who see both light and dark as necessary elements of life, or for those who want to show two sides of their personality with one tattoo. The meaning behind this design can differ based on its coloration: black symbolizing death and white representing rebirth. This duality is often seen as the balance between good and evil, light and dark. The black and white rose also symbolizes deep love for another person; much like the different colorations of roses, there are many varieties of this type of tattoo meant to represent a specific person or people in one’s life.

26. Red Rose Tattoo 

A red rose tattoo design can mean various things to different people. Most commonly, a red rose tattoo is associated with love, passion, and an intense desire for life. The stem of the rose represents your backbone; the thorns represent strength; and the flower itself represents beauty. Roses have been associated with true love throughout history. Young women often see the flower as a symbol for their femininity.

27. Black Rose Tattoo

The Black Rose is a symbol of secrecy, confidentiality and trust. It is also associated with death and rebirth: like a rose, which dies and blooms again, so it is said that one who wears the Black Rose also bears a darkness within them, but will eventually find their way to enlightenment. The Black Rose is an ideal symbol for those who wish to express their individuality and ideas without restriction. It can be placed upon a tattoo as a reminder of those values held deep within the heart, or as a signifier of certain personal experiences.

28. Purple Rose Tattoo

The purple rose is a symbol of love, mystery, and magic. The purple rose tattoo represents all aspects of mystery including hidden knowledge, feminine power, and ancient magic. This type of flower has been used as a talisman for protection, as well as a guide through troubled times. The deep color of this flower also symbolizes those with spiritual knowledge who have gone before us and those that come after. This color purple also symbolizes both nobility and tradition has often been linked to royalty throughout history.

29. Yellow Rose Tattoo

A yellow rose tattoo can be used to symbolize friendship, warmth, optimism, and happiness. It can also stand for a new beginning. The yellow rose is the official state flower of Texas and has been part of both folk and popular culture in the state since the mid 1800s. The yellow rose can be associated with hope because it gradually blooms, no matter what the season or time of year, and can symbolize that inner beauty shines through.

30. Rose Hand Tattoo

The rose hand tattoo is an intricate and symbolic tattoo. It is often done in white ink, but is sometimes done as black or blue-black work as well. This tattoo has been around for centuries and represents many different things to many different people. The most common meaning behind the rose tattoo is that of love and passion, but it can also represent life.

31. Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Another common yet subtle tattoo is the rose shoulder tattoo. This tattoo begins on the upper back between the shoulder blades and continues down to where it ends at or near the waistline. A rose tattoo on your shoulder is a very classy and sexy way of expressing your love for someone. A well-placed rose shoulder tattoo can also give you a stylish look at work.

32. Rose Forearm Tattoo

Forearm Roses are one of the most popular types of rose tattoos. This design may be embellished with leaves or thorns. Furthermore, some people choose to add other symbols such as stars, birds and other animals to their tattoo. While most go for a colorful tattoo, there are some who prefer to have a simplistic black ink version.

33. Rose Tattoo on the Wrist

A rose tattoo on the wrist can be a simple reminder of a loved one or an ex-lover. It is sometimes meant to convey pain and suffering, since roses have thorns that prick and draw blood.

34. Rose Sleeve Tattoo

The rose tattoo sleeve is an especially unique tattoo design that can be very detailed and elaborate. The main rose is placed on the upper arm area and has a rose tattoo sleeve design that makes it look like rose tattoos are climbing up your arm. This design is always accompanied with bold colored flowers and/or leaves, sometimes in combination with thorns.

35. Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo

A half arm sleeve design is considered to be an ideal location for a rose tattoo. Rose tattoo designs look striking when they are done alongside tribal patterns or some other exotic designs. Rose half sleeve tattoos for women can be inked inside the elbow and wind their way up to the shoulder. It looks very feminine and is an attractive location for a tattoo.

36. Rose Chest Tattoo

If you’re brave enough to show off your skin and love roses, a rose chest tattoo is a perfect spot. This tattoo consists of a full-size chest piece showing a large, stylized rose with vines and leaves or several roses. The size of the design ranges from slightly larger than life to nearly reaching the subject’s shoulders. The general idea of this type of tattoo is to show off your upper body while still maintaining an elegant theme.

37. Rose Hip Tattoo

A Rose Hip Tattoo is a tattoo that was first used as a symbol in tribes to signify a woman’s childbearing abilities. These tattoos were also used as a testament of love and loyalty since these almost never fade or disappear from the body. More daring rose hip tattoos stretch from the waist down to the side of the thigh.

38. Rose Neck Tattoo

A rose neck tattoo typically contains a rose, either against a black or red background. It can have varying degrees of detail from being very simple to being quite elaborate. A beautiful tattoo with intricately designed leaves circling the base of the rose would fit the neck very well. Although few women have a rose neck tattoo, there is something about rose tattoos that exude beauty and elegance anywhere they are placed.

39. Rose Ankle Tattoo

The ankle is the perfect place to place a rose tattoo since its position signifies delightfulness, softness, and sensitivity. Many people believe that ankle rose tattoos for girls are more beautiful because they look more feminine and graceful on them. The design can be inked in various ways and styles. It can be just a single rose, a bouquet of roses, or multiple different designs on the ankle. Many people opt for rose designs that have leaves and vines with them to add more beauty and style to the tattoo design.

40. Rose Arm Tattoo

A Rose Arm Tattoo can include both roses and leaves on the inside of the arm or upper arm. This design can be used to represent certain things in life. For example, if someone has lost a loved one or someone important, the rose is often used as a remembrance. A rose arm tattoo can also represent a life that is beginning, just as a flower starts from the ground.


What Does A Rose Tattoo Symbolize?

Rose tattoos have many interpretations, but they generally mean love. Many consider the rose as the symbol of the highest level of passion. But their meanings can change, depending on their color. For instance, yellow rose tattoos can signify joy and optimism. Meanwhile, a black rose can represent grief.

Is a Rose Tattoo Feminine?

Rose tattoos are considered feminine. But they’re not as girly as most people think. Roses are symbols often adorned by men of power like sailors and soldiers back in the day. Either way, rose tattoos are a great choice for any gender.

Where to Put a Rose Tattoo?

Rose tattoos are versatile, meaning you can get them anywhere on your body. But, generally, you’d want to show them off. For this reason, popular placements for rose tattoos are the arms, hands, and neck.

What Does a Rose Tattoo Mean to a Woman?

Traditional red rose tattoos can symbolize passion and love. Meanwhile, pink roses can signify your elegance and gratitude. Either way, different colored rose tattoos will naturally have varying meanings.