These Russian Daredevils Are Insane

Kirill Oreshkin is a Russian teenager who seems to have an obsession with climbing extremely tall buildings and any other structure he sets his eyes on.

He wears no safety harness, no parachute, and no special climbing equipment. And he’s not alone. Many other young russians like Kirill have taken to this dangerous activity.

Is this illegal? The answer is most probably yes. But we’re pretty sure that for someone like Kirill, rules aren’t going to get in the way of their thrill.

We obtained these pictures courtesy of Kirill’s social networking profile.

That’s certainly quite the view, but is it really worth the risk?


With no harness, ropes or parachute, these young men are clearly playing with their lives.

As you can see, Kirill isn’t the only one that partakes in extreme thrill seeking.

Oh dear…

Take a look at that view.



We are interested in your opinions on this subject. Do you think there should be laws to criminalise this kind of activity? Or should these young adults have the freedom to do what they choose? Let us know in the comments below…

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