25 Savage Scorpion Tattoos for Men

Scorpions are known for their powerful stingers and dark, deadly reputation. While many people may be intimidated by these creatures, others find them intriguing and even sexy. If you’re considering getting a scorpion tattoo, here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Traditional Tribal Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpions are feared because they are deadly, but in some cultures, they are respected creatures. If you want something unique, you can explore traditional tribal scorpion tattoos from the Borneo people. Their traditional inking is done by tapping two sticks, and the scorpion is an emblem in their native Iban people. You can have an abstract design as opposed to the usual realistic design. It is said that warriors in this tribe get inked with the Kala or scorpion to protect their hunt. 

2. 3D Scorpion Tattoo

3D tattoos are cool and unique, especially when they create intimidating images like the scorpion. You can use stylish and out-of-this-world colors in creating a one-of-a-kind design. A blue 3D scorpion that symbolizes fluid energy is an excellent idea for your next inking.  

3. Realistic Scorpion Tattoo

Realistic tattoos are another popular option for people who want a statement piece for their body art. Tattoos are done in a natural style look eerily like the real thing. Thus it is even more intimidating. A realistic scorpion tattoo will look alive and ready to crawl on your skin. Anyone who sees your tattoo design will take notice and will keep their distance. It sends a powerful message to onlookers not to mess with the wearer. On the other hand, you may also choose this style for an excellent tattoo design.

4. Scorpion Neck Tattoo

There is no denying that neck tattoos look cool and eye-catching. However, it is also intimidating to get a tattoo on this extra-sensitive spot! Back in the day, only criminals were interested in getting inked on the neck, but this changed over the years. More people are choosing to have ink on visible portions of their bodies, including the neck. A scorpion is a challenging design that represents deadly power. Add to that is the fact that it is painful to get a neck tattoo. So, this combination is a badass idea, and it is reserved only for people who have the strength and fearlessness to deal with the pain. 

5. Scorpion Foot Tattoo

A foot tattoo can be excruciatingly painful to complete because of the foot’s sensitivity and closeness to the bones. If you are willing to endure this pain, you can say that getting inked in this spot is also worth it. A scorpion foot tattoo is an excellent choice for this placement. If the tattoo was designed with its tail heading towards the ankle, it will look like it is about to strike! Remember, though, that simpler designs with minimal shading or details are your best bet when it comes to foot tattoos. 

6. Scorpion Hand Tattoo

There is no better placement for the ink you want to show off than having them rendered on your hand. This spot is highly noticeable, but of course, hand tattoos are also prone to premature aging and fading. Still, many people want to have a bold scorpion hand tattoo that they can see every day. So before you decide on getting a hand tattoo, think hard about the design you want. Ideally, scorpion tattoos in darker colors will look great in this spot, and it is also easier to touch up in the future. 

7. Rib Scorpion Tattoo

Rib and torso tattoos are also top-rated options for men. It is a great way to show off their toned body, which they worked hard to achieve. A scorpion tattoo placed on the side of the body quickly calls attention. Alternatively, you can have a giant, full-bodied scorpion curving from the back towards your chest. You can have it inked in a traditional or a tribal style for bold and unique ink. 

8. Scorpion Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is one of the most common placements for unique tattoo designs that men want to show off. This spot is also less painful to ink compared to other parts of the body. You can have a detailed or intricate tattoo design here. A scorpion forearm tattoo will be an excellent design because the image is long and narrow and will render well in this spot. Depending on how complex or extensive your plan is, the tattoo may take several sessions to complete. 

9. Small Scorpion Tattoo

Getting a meaningful tattoo does not always equate with an extensive or detailed tattoo design. These days, some people prefer to have simpler and smaller tattoos to keep them inspired to pursue their goals. An additional benefit of a small scorpion tattoo is that you can choose anywhere you want to have it. You can have it inked on your wrist, finger, or behind your ear. Small scorpion images can still be eye-catching despite the tiny size. They are fantastic, badass, and yet oh so discreet!

10. Black Scorpion Tattoo

Solid black ink tattoos are very appealing, but many tattoo designs will complement the design. So if you choose a scorpion symbol, it will be the perfect color to match. A black scorpion tattoo is not only intimidating, but it is also rich in meaning. Arachnid tattoos represent strength, resilience, protection, and death. The black ink adds to its realistic element and makes the design highly visible. Scorpions do come in a range of colors, but the most common ones are black. 

11. Red Scorpion Tattoo

Colors can easily make or break tattoo designs. Often, people choose vibrant colors for their tattoos because they want them to look alive and unique. But colors often cause tattoos to age prematurely. Despite that, many still choose to have a pop of color in their ink. The red scorpion tattoo, for instance, the bold color, makes the design pop into life. It is rare to see a red scorpion in real life, though a Red Indian scorpion is native to India. So whether you are having it as a reference to the venomous species or want a colorful arachnid tattoo, a red Scorpio is a marvelous work of art. 

12. Scorpion Rose Tattoo

Flower images are often added to a masculine or fierce tattoo to soften the effect. But in the case of the scorpion rose, both elements are dangerous and harmful – the scorpion has a poisonous stinger, and the rose has painful thorns. Together these elements feature a balance of beauty and pain. Roses are associated with love, passion, and beauty. When tattooed, it adds a hint of Goth, especially with the scorpion. This combination mainly attracts those who want others to stop judging them and that though they are beautiful, they are also dangerous. 

13. Mortal Kombat Scorpion Tattoo

Another tattoo inspiration for games and movie fans is the scorpion, the formidable character from Mortal Kombat. This resurrected antagonist is also a ninja with two sides to him. He has a vengeful and mad personality, though he is also honorable and caring. Many men can relate well to this character and the challenges he has gone through. He makes for an exciting tattoo design, especially when rendered with perfect details.   

14. Scorpion King Tattoo

Many tattoo images are frightening to look at. Some men prefer these tattoo designs because they invoke strength, power, and masculinity. Apart from the snake, dragon, and spiders, scorpion tattoos are another choice if you want something with a menacing appearance. The Scorpion King Tattoo is a popular inspiration for fans of the games and films because of the excellent tattoo design it offers. The film is about a warrior who rises to protect his people. The story of loyalty, courage, and bravery is very appealing to most men.   

15. Simple Scorpion Tattoo

There is also beauty in minimalist and straightforward tattoo pieces. These designs appeal well to those who want a laid-back and conservative tattoo design. Simple scorpion designs feature a classic but fresh look. It focuses more on using black ink and has basic outlines in the overall design. It has no colors or shading, but it still makes a significant statement to those who see it. The understated design gives the subject more attention and meaning. This tattoo design may represent toughness, death, protection, loyalty, or endurance. 

16. Zodiac Scorpio Tattoo

The Scorpio glyph or the zodiac sign is a unique letter-like image. It is a straightforward “M” with a stinger that is pointing upwards. If you believe in the zodiac and are born under this sign, you might want to get inked with the scorpion glyph. It can be a great conversation starter, too, because not everyone is familiar with this element. 

17. Scorpion and Frog Tattoo

Combining the scorpion and the frog in a tattoo design may seem strange as they don’t have any connection. However, this tattoo has a deep meaning that goes back to an ancient Sanskrit story. According to the report, the scorpion once needed to cross a stream but needed the frog’s help because it cannot swim. The frog was hesitant to help, knowing that the creature could kill him, but eventually carried the scorpion and started crossing the stream. Halfway across, the scorpion stung the frog, and both of them perished. The story tells us that it is difficult for trust to be earned, and even if you trust people, some will still bring you down.    

18. Scorpion and Heart Tattoo

The scorpion is often associated with aggression and death. It is a venomous arachnid that is feared because it can sting anytime. Despite negative representations, pairing it with an image of a heart gives it an entirely different meaning. A scorpion and heart tattoo means protecting your heart from those who can cause you pain. It features a balance between desire and love. The Scorpion is the symbol of protection and guarding your heart. 

19. Scorpion Chest Tattoo

A scorpion tattoo on the chest is a symbol of strength and fearlessness. This arachnid has a menacing appearance, and a man who wears this tattoo gives off a warning to those who see it. The location is advantageous for showing it, but it is also easy to hide if you want to keep your tattoo private. The chest is also a painful spot to get inked because of its sensitivity and proximity to the bone. Those who get inked on the chest are tough and have a high pain tolerance. 

20. Scorpion Thigh Tattoo

The thigh area is an excellent alternative if you want an elaborate and detailed ink that you can keep private. It provides a large area for exciting ink designs. The thigh area is also less painful to get inked. Thus you can have tattoos with plenty of shading or colors to achieve your dream scorpion design.  

21. Scorpion Leg Tattoo

If you can’t decide where to place that exciting scorpion tattoo, consider having it inked on your leg. This placement is gaining a lot of popularity because it is an excellent alternative to the thigh or back area. The portion also provides ample space for a detailed design, plus it is not that painful compared to a foot tattoo. Choose a slim and narrow design for a perfect render on the space in your leg. You can also include some colors and shading for a highly intimidating piece.  

22. Scorpion Wrist Tattoo

The wrist area provides limited space for tattoos, but many people consider various designs to have in this spot. Simple and minimalist designs are the most suitable for a wrist tattoo. If you want something extraordinary, meaningful, and unique, choose a simple scorpion tattoo design for your wrist. Ideally, it should be in black ink without much shading or details. It will be easier to retouch in the future in case it fades due to exposure.  

23. Geometric Scorpion Tattoo

Geometric tattoos offer a unique and beautiful tattoo design featuring shapes and lines specifically drawn to create your desired image. Before an artist starts your tattoo, a lot of thought goes into the creation and configuration of your scorpion tattoo. It features a modern element, but it is often rendered in solid black ink, without any shading. On the other hand, some artists also incorporate colors like bright red, especially with the scorpion symbol, to make it even more intimidating. 

24. Watercolor Scorpion Tattoo

You don’t often see the scorpion in any other colors than black, greys, or red. So how about getting it rendered in full watercolor style. You can complement its rugged and robust image with the beauty of watercolor as though it is splashed on its intricate outlines. This tattoo design is beautiful and unique too. 

25. Metallic Scorpion Tattoo

Deciding to have a scorpion tattoo is a tough choice to make. Whatever inner battles you have with yourself for choosing a design that indicates power, strength, and struggle, make sure to pick out the best colors for your tattoo. A metallic shade for your scorpion tattoo will make it even more elegant and unique. 


What Do Scorpion Tattoos Mean?

Scorpion tattoos have different meanings, depending on their design and style. But generally, these tattoos often get associated with strength and protection. For this reason, scorpion tattoos have become popular among men. 

What Tattoo is Lucky for a Scorpio Man?

Men with the zodiac sign of Scorpio should get a tattoo that reminds them of what’s important in life. Either way, tattoos of roses, a phoenix, or a scorpion are good options for mysterious Scorpio men. 

Do Tattoos Bring Bad Luck?

Although luck depends on the wearer’s eye, some people warn that some symbols can bring bad luck. For example, many people believe that getting an upside-down cross tattoo is bad luck. However, tattoos aren’t unlucky in general. 

What is the Most Popular Tattoo For Men?

Although men have different tastes and preferences, they have common favorites in tattoos. The most popular tattoo ideas for men range from tribal designs to animal themes.