This Is How You Can Finally Get That Good Night’s Sleep

#1. Sleep in a position that minimizes your body pain.


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#2. Stay cool in the summer.

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#3. Know the common sleep mistakes so you can avoid them.

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#4. Sleep better with your partner.


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#5. Make time for power naps — they’ll do you wonders.

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#6. Redesign your bedroom to improve your sleep.

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#7. Learn how to meditate…

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#8. …And how to move like a yogi, so you can sleep like a bear.


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#9. Calculate the stages of your sleep so you can set your alarm at the right time.

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#10. Plan your day so you can get a good night’s rest.

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#11. Master the art of napping.


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#12. Make sure your children develop good sleep hygiene, too.

Cleveland Clinic

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#13. Make sure you know how many hours of sleep you need.


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#14. Shower at night to get you in the mood.


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#15. Follow these 20 steps to get better sleep tonight.


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#16. Take back your mornings by taking back your nights.


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#17. Help yourself or your partner by stopping snoring.

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