50+ Funny, Scary Photos Of Things That Look Like Faces

These creepy objects are what nightmares are made of. They’re in your living room, kitchen, and across the street. They’re everywhere. Seeing faces or a semblence of a living thing in inanimate objects is called pareidolia, and it’s something very normal that happens to pretty much everyone.

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#1. Smile. It makes everything better.

This onion has the worst of intentions

#2. Sundae? More like skulldae.

Cold drink? More like ghoul drink

#3. This pickle looks sour about life.

This pickle is evil

#4. I don’t want to be alone in the presence of this pepper.

This pepper will bite your head off, and not in a funny way

#5. “Call the police and hide in your closet”

This house is a sleepy monster waiting and plotting

#6. These pair of shoes will rob you in your sleep.

These shoes are a pair of trouble

#7. If boxes can be evil, this is how they’d look like.

They're plotting and you're barely noticing

#8. You wouldn’t eat those French fries if you knew where they came from.

This potato was dug up straight from hell

#9. And this mop has seriously mean intentions. It involves you falling on the floor.

And this mop has seriously mean intentions. It involves you falling on the floor

#10. This spilt tea is just waiting for you to take that one careless step.

This spilt tea is waiting for you to take that one careless step

#11. This evil samurai may be camouflaged as an autumn leaf but his evil intentions are clear.

This Samurai leaf has had the perfect assassination plotted out

#12. Ghoul or troll, it’s for you to find out.

This beer ghoul may look like a troll, but his intentions involves your soul

#13. Breakfast from Mars.

These eggs are straight from space and they've come to get you

#14. This grill will make every Sunday BBQ creepier.

The BBQ with flames from hell

#15. There’s a nightmare hanging in your room.

This bag is stuffed with darkness

#16. Peekaboo. This kayak is overdoing it.

This kayak will ferry you to the river Styx

#17. Back away slowly and stop making eye contact.

This blanket will come to life when you're asleep

#18. The most unsettling piece of pasta you’ll ever see. And he’s not alone.

This pasta is waiting to take a bite at you

#19. He’s gonna take you to Terror Town. Population: Just you and him.

This car is going to drive you to nightmare land

#20. He wants you to never eat cookies again.

This cookie is a monster

#21. This chocolate milk is out to get you. Get ready to run.

This milk bottle spells trouble

#22. I heard you like to ride shotgun.

#23. They’re creepy and they’re many.

#24. Something creepy about this… oh yeah, it’s a SKULL SHAPED FLOWER

#25. He sees you.

#26. Evil lurks in shadows.


#27. Waiting to shred your dreams into nightmares.


#28. Zippers Creepers.


#29. Nightmare on this side of the street.


#30. This building is one nosejob away from making us at ease.

#31. Perhaps the spookiest autumn leaf in the world.

#32. Nope.

#33. If you thought you made it to the end just fine, here’s a popcorn to haunt you for the rest of the day. Sweet dreams.





























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