15 Semicolon Tattoo Ideas And Their Meanings

When it comes to tattoo choices, several people look for art that implies something closer to their heart. The semicolon design is one of the most moving and meaningful tattoo choices. It has now become famous around the world as an indication of strength and solidarity in the face of depression, suicide, and other mental health issues. For those who have gone through difficult times in their lives, a semicolon ink is a powerful reminder of how far you’ve come. 

1. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

A delicate and small tattoo, the semicolon heart design has a deep message. Hearts are a famous symbol of passion and love. When combined with a semicolon design, this body art will remind the wearer of loving themselves first. It can also show how love can save you from the worst moment of your life. Therefore, it can be a great tribute to a romantic partner, a special friend, or a family member. It’s a well-known tattoo choice for women and is usually tattooed on the wrist so that the wearer can see it every day.

2. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies turn from a caterpillar to a beautiful insect with wings, and because of that, they often represent better transformation when it comes to tattoos. They are flying creatures, which means they can symbolize freedom too. From Christianity’s point of view, a butterfly indicates resurrection. For these reasons, many survivors choose to combine butterfly designs with a semicolon to show a beautiful evolution. They were once anxious, suicidal, and depressed, but they decide to come back to life.

3. Cat Semicolon Tattoo

One of the nicest interpretations of the semicolon tattoo is when it combines it with animals, like a cat. To some, it’s a way of giving tribute to a beloved pet. However, a cat image has symbolic meanings across several cultures. In Japanese and Celtic mythology, they were said to be guardians of the underworld. They can represent mystery, transformation, independence, luck, and a wandering spirit. For these reasons, cats are mostly combined with a semicolon design and tattoo.

4. Semicolon Cross Tattoo

Christian survivors of depression, suicide, and mental illness mostly choose to work with a cross and semicolon symbol. The cross shows the sacrifice of Jesus and will remind the people that there is one God who saves them from sin. When tattooed with a semicolon design, it often symbolizes how religion can help and heal them through dark times. It is a great way to reaffirm your faith and reminds you that you are never alone. It’s a fantastic addition to a religious sleeve tattoo.

5. Semicolon Birds Tattoo

One of the old-style tattoo designs is a bird. The reason is that birds represent complete freedom as they can fly, walk, and swim. Birds also have a spiritual connotation with some cultures, considering them good messengers between heaven and Earth. Several people think of them as a fantastic addition to a semicolon ink, and it will show that the wearers have finally gone free from all their troubles. There are specific birds as well that bring different meanings: swallows indicate safety and guide to lost souls, doves are a sign of hope, and the phoenix represents rising from the ashes or resurrection. Any birds you choose would be meaningful enough if you combine them with a semicolon tattoo.

6. Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo

Another nature-inspired element you can add to your semicolon tattoo is the dragonfly. This insect has a positive symbolism and meaning. It is all about embracing beautiful change and finding inner strength, bravery, and joy. Those who have bounced back from their depression, suicidal attempt and have now found peace could choose a dragonfly semicolon tattoo. It is a flexible design for a tattoo because it looks equally cool when tattooed small or large.

7. Semicolon Tattoo on the Finger

The wearer of semicolon tattoos prefers this design to be placed on their fingers to keep it low-key. Yes, fingers are a great area for subtle and small inking. You can easily hide the semicolon design by tattooing it on the side area of your fingers. But, it is easy for you to see it whenever you want to. Fingers are the ideal location for tattoos who love commitment and the things you are most passionate about.

8. Semicolon Wrist Tattoo

While the semicolon tattoos are subtle enough to be put anywhere, several people opt to get it inked on their wrist. There are many reasons for this option. One of them is that the wrist area is easy to see, so anytime the wearer desires to see a reminder to himself, he can always look at it. Their wrist tattoo is the way for them to find strength and inspiration. Another reason is that the wrist tattoo can over-writes and cover some scars on the arm or wrist. It will indicate that the wearer has overcome self-harm.

9. Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

The thought of having a watercolor tattoo already makes a good and beautiful impression. It mimics the idea of watercolor painting, which uses water and color pigments. The result is a combination of ink colors that looks like a wet image on the skin. The freeform, fluid, and colorful finish of watercolor tattoos gives excellent contrast to the black-ink semicolons. These tattoos are ideal for those preferring a non-traditional and free spirits look. 

10. Semicolon Tattoo Behind The Ear

Getting tattooed behind the ear area is a rising trend. It is considered a more discreet and unexpected place to place a body art. You can easily disguise and show off the tattoo by just moving your hair. The area behind the ear is small, but it’s a perfect place for subtle ink like a semicolon, but it’s one of the most painful areas to be tattooed on.

11. Semicolon Tattoo on the Nape

The nape is a discreet location for a tattoo. It also happens to be popular with women, because they can hide it under the hair. There are still some offices where a tattoo is frowned upon, as much as there are still some social settings where talk of suicide is an awkward topic of conversation. Nape tattoos are usually small, but they can be larger than tattoos behind the ears. 

12. Semicolon Flower Tattoo

The flower is an offering in the context of the semicolon. Not every day is rosy, but a person needs to smell the flowers on his journey. The struggles are real, but it helps to see flowers on the every day path. The flower embellishment is usually a bright splash of color, and is not just a reminder of bright days, but also an enticement to smile more often.

13. Semicolon Warrior Tattoo

The survivor is a warrior. That is the message of the semicolon and the warrior text. The person has to fight every day to survive. There are the doubts, and triggers that are at every corner, and it is a constant fight, to stay alive.

14. Semicolon with Words Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is meant to be a reminder and to convey a message. For those struggling with depression or have tried to commit suicide, the tattoo is an affirmation of standing strong. The tattoo gets greater meaning when incorporated with other words, or within other words or phrases. Common associations include “continue,” “don’t panic,” “I am the author,” and “just breathe.”

15. Semicolon Infinity Tattoo

Nobody lives forever, but for some the infinity symbol amplifies the message of the semicolon. It shows that the struggle is never-ending. Everyday is a journey, and for most days, surviving is enough. For those without any mental health issues, living is something that they do everyday. In contrast, everyday brings new challenges to those who suffer from mental health diseases.


What does the semicolon tattoo mean?

The semicolon tattoo is part of a movement to raise awareness of mental health issues and suicide. It is part of Project Semicolon and signifies a pause, instead of an end of a sentence. Every person is the author of their own life story. Instead of a period, we have a pause. Instead of committing suicide, the person takes a pause and continues with life.

How did the semicolon tattoo start?

Amy Bluel started the Semicolon project after her father committed suicide. A semicolon signifies a pause instead of the end of a sentence. It implies that the person can take pause, without committing suicide and ending everything. The Semicolon Project is a faith-based non-profit established in 2013.