Women Upgrade Man Caves Into “She Sheds”, And The Results Are Wonderful

If you think outdoor sheds are a ‘man thing’, think again. These gorgeous photos show how great taste and a keen eye for detail can turn a stuffy old shed into a beautiful sanctuary for ladies looking for a personal haven.

#1. Like something out of The Secret Garden — but in your not-so-secret backyard.


#2. Nothing says “she shed” more than generous splashes of pink.

Wooden House

#3. Hubby can store his power tools somewhere else.

Heather Bullard

#4. You will never leave. EVER.

Coastal Home

#5. From Hobbiton, with love.

The Telegraph

#6. You will want to be the queen of this domain.

Good to Grow

#7. Looks like a great place to grow everything, from flowers to ideas.

Better Homes and Gardens

#8. This is what a ‘happy place’ looks like.

Cottage Gardening

#9. Color me envious.

Wooden House

#10. Where your heart is.


#11. All you need is a good book.

House to Home

#12. Your shed, your rules.

Cottage Gardening

#13. A a space to love forever.

Cottage Gardening

These pretty homes away from home stand in stark contrast to the traditional old shack that most men seem content with. It seems a battle of the sheds may be imminent. If so, we know which side we’ll be supporting.

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