Poor College Student Makes It Into Top University… And Brings His Disabled Father With Him Too

Guo Shijun’s father is disabled after a building accident left him paralyzed. His mother is mentally disabled after a long battle with meningitis from when Shijun was a child.

Despite these hardships, and the fact that Shijun spent so much of his life growing up caring for his parents, he made it into one of the best universities of his country.

And if that wasn’t remarkable enough, wait until you see this…

Guo Shijun decided to make the ultimate sacrifice in his young adult life. He convinced the university to let him care for his father in his dorm.

Using the special bed he made, he is able to tend to his father more easily.

Shijun and friends clasping hands with his father.

While Shijun cares for his father, his grandparents have reportedly taken to caring for his mother.

We wish Shijun every success in the future and hope he is able to realise his dreams.

As he puts it so humbly himself: “I think once I graduate things will get much better.”