Save Your Summer Barbecue With This Easy DIY Trick

Flies are pesky pests to deal with during summer and they can really ruin the mood if you’re planning to spend the day outdoors doing barbecues. If you’ve thought of buying those expensive bug zappers, you might as well spend your money on something cheaper that works just as well.

These are all the things you need so you can say bye-bye to those flies: plastic sandwich bags, water, table salt, lime juice, rubber bands and pennies.

Take a plastic bag, fill it up 3/4 of the way with water, add the lime juice and the table salt, drop all four pennies inside, tie it up…and voila!

You’ve got your instant fly-repellent! All you need to do now is hang it up in areas near your barbecue!

The pennies in the bag create a prism that refracts the light while the lime juice and table salt just keep the pennies shiny to keep the prism effect last. Flies have complex eyes that let them see the world as a mosaic. When their eyes see refracted light, they become confused and fly away.

This DIY trick is definitely a cheaper alternative which you can make in just five minutes for a fly free zone all summer long!