30 Stunning Shoulder Tattoos For Women (2021)

A woman’s shoulder is sensuous, curvy and enticing. The shoulders are a perfect frame to a woman’s face. Shoulder tattoos enhance and entice the shoulder, setting expectations and expressing her personality. It is fair to say that shoulder tattoos are the perfect images that capture a woman’s personality. A tiger, lion or dragon on the shoulder shows intensity, strength and resolve, while flowers, stars, and other vibrant images hint at a whimsical nature.

The shoulder is a medium sized canvas, perfect for story-telling with bright colors, or bold lines. Women’s shoulder tattoos are anything but just a tattoo.

1. Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Do you want something delicate and discreet piece of body art? Have it inked in your shoulder blade. Though it is one of the most painful spots for inking, you can always choose something small and straightforward to have it done quickly. Ideal designs are stars, flowers, birds, and other minimalistic designs. Larger, more detailed ink also works wonderfully in this spot.

2. Shoulder and Half Sleeve Tattoo

For more detailed body art, you can have your shoulder and upper arm as the placement of your chosen design. Some popular choices are dragons, vines, florals and lace, tribal and geometric designs covering the shoulders, and half-sleeve portions. Make it as creative and intricate as possible because this placement is perfect for various designs that you can imagine.

3. Back Shoulder Tattoo

The back shoulder is an appealing spot for a feminine tattoo design. It lends versatility for showing off and quick cover-up, but it is also a painful spot for getting inked. Choose flattering designs like your favorite flowers, butterflies, sacred geometry, and simple tribal tattoos that are perfect for this spot.

4. Shoulder and Chest Tattoo

For an extensive and detailed tattoo design, the shoulder and the chest area are excellent placement. It allows multiple, intricate, and clear designs for meaningful body art. Often, women choose floral-inspired pieces because they are feminine. However, others choose fearsome creatures like the eagle, dragon, snake, or lion.

5. Shoulder and Arm Tattoo

Another ideal placement for an extensive and detailed tattoo design is the shoulder and arm area. These placements are a perfect spot if you want the versatility to show off and cover your body art anytime. Florals and vines are popular female shoulder tattoo and arm designs, but you can also opt for large tribal or Polynesian ink.

6. Small Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the shoulder is a versatile choice for many women. It can be shown or kept discreetly. This placement is also perfect for both small and oversized designs. For starters, small and simple designs that are rich in symbolism and meaning are lovely choices. They are delicate, graceful and represent pure femininity.

7. Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos are another popular ink design for males and females. It is associated with life and death. Although it comes with an ominous meaning, some prefer to associate skulls with power and strength to overcome hardships. A skull tattoo makes for an exciting and attention-seeking design when placed on the shoulder. You may opt for other elements like butterflies, flowers, or fire to go along with your main image.

8. Clock Tattoo

Clock tattoos are very symbolic designs that are interpreted in various ways. It can be associated with life and death, but the meaning can shift according to how you see it fit. A timepiece design is an excellent choice for a woman who values time and life and how fleeting one’s existence is in this world. It works as a constant reminder to live life to the fullest, but it may also be something to honor a loved one who passed away. Tattooed on the shoulder and added elements can make this design more unique and personal to the wearer.

9. Cross Tattoo

Another popular shoulder ink design is the cross tattoo. It is an excellent choice for people who value their faith and would like to honor the sacrifices of Jesus Christ for humanity. The sign of the cross is rich in symbolism with a simple shape. It can be inked in various ways depending on your artist. It looks good, whether it is big or small, and you can personalize it by adding elements such as your favorite verse or psalm.

10. Dreamcatcher Tattoo

This handwoven craft is a popular tattoo design for females across the globe. Dream catchers are intricately designed talisman used mainly by Native Americans to protect and prevent bad dreams or negative thoughts. It is often seen in the boho lifestyle, which is very attractive for the women of today. A dream catcher tattoo will look great inked on the shoulders. You can have a big detailed, and extensive craft on your shoulder with this design.

11. Star Tattoo

Star tattoo designs are also quite popular for both males and females. If this is your first ink, star tattoos are beautiful choices! It can be small, simple, or intricate. Stars represent guidance and protection. Some women also include other elements to create a feminine and unique art. Make this one pop out with watercolor technique for vivid body art!

12. Dragon Tattoo

Draw attention to your shoulders with an intriguing and unique tattoo design. A dragon tattoo is a perfect ink for women who seek representation for wisdom, strength, and fortune. This mythical creature has something magical and fierce about it. You can explore techniques and designs to create your legendary dragon tattoo. It will look even more impressive if the ink design goes from your shoulder down the arm.

13. Lion Tattoo

The lion is the jungle king, but a lioness is a queen that moves equal to her king. These creatures are beautiful and fearsome, and they may be excellent tattoo design choices for females who seek symbols of bravery and courage. They are also associated with royalty, power, and various other meanings. You can opt to have a small tattoo design, but a more significant, more intricate, and detailed lion tattoo works beautifully when placed on the shoulders.

14. Tiger Tattoo

Another excellent choice for women looking for a statement shoulder tattoo design is the Tiger. This powerful creature is associated with knowledge, strength, freedom, and independence. It is a big feline that is a symbol of supreme feminism, grace, and power. Combined with other elements, a tiger tattoo is excellent body art yet is also meaningful. It is best placed on the shoulder for a detailed rendition.

15. Eagle Tattoo

The eagle is a powerful and fearsome bird. It is associated with resilience, courage, power, and freedom. Getting an eagle tattoo on your shoulder will remind you to live life to your fullest potential. It is a majestic creature that has various interpretations and meanings. Choose your design and technique to showcase this fantastic shoulder tattoo design.

16. Angel Tattoo

Angels are believed to be messengers from God, a link between heaven and earth. Getting an angel tattoo is a beautiful way of expressing your spirituality. It may also represent the loss of love. Various meanings come with angel tattoos. Thus, they are trendy tattoo designs. They will look great when inked on the shoulders.

17. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are delicately beautiful creatures. They are associated with change and transformation. They can symbolize a period of growth or a focus on new things while you let go of the past. Women who seek freedom and beauty can opt for an eye-catching butterfly shoulder tattoo. This design works well in solid black minimalistic design, watercolor technique, and hyper-realistic styles.

18. Feather Tattoo

If you want something that represents bravery, travel, freedom, and courage, a feather tattoo is a perfect choice for you. Feathers are considered as messages from the spirit world and often signify spiritual protection. You can have a feather shoulder tattoo from your favorite bird like the hawk, peacock, or eagle for the symbolism you aim for.

19. Flower Tattoo

When it comes to shoulder tattoo designs, flowers are one of the most popular choices for women. These designs are beautiful, and they are versatile too. There are various flower species to choose one – each with its unique meanings. It can represent love, beauty, and life. Depending on the type of bloom you choose, it can be a symbol of your family, honor, inner peace, or fortune. Flower tattoos look great on the shoulder, whether they are big or small!

20. Colorful Tattoo

Black tattoo designs are more common, but getting vibrant, bold, and colorful ink is very appealing, especially for women. These designs take longer to complete and are more expensive, yet they are worth it has once done. Colorful tattoo designs pop against the skin and give more meaning to a specific tattoo design. It works well with delicate elements like butterflies, flowers, birds, and others.

21. Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoo design has become increasingly popular in recent years. Lines and shapes define this technique, making them excellent choices for both big or small ink designs. Depending on the design and the wearer, geometric tattoo designs can also have meanings that go along with it, or it can be an incredible piece of art.

22. Compass Tattoo

A compass tattoo can be a perfect design for shoulder ink. The placement is big enough for its circular shape and intricate details. This tool for navigation symbolizes purpose and direction. Wearing this body art is like having a reminder for you to stay on course, believe in yourself, and focus on the right path. Make it more personal with specific quotes, times, dates, or names that you hold dear.

23. Mandala Tattoo

Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit, and it makes for a beautiful tattoo design for women. It has shapes and symbols that radiate from the center growing outwards in a circular pattern. It reflects perfection, balance, and eternity. Many women find mandalas to be a symbol of their spiritual or life journey. You can have this inked in solid black ink or vividly through a watercolor technique tattoo.

24. Polynesian Tattoo

Another culturally significant tattoo design is the Polynesian tribal tattoos. These ink designs convey stories of the Polynesian heritage and culture. It is also vital to research your design beforehand to avoid being disrespectful. A Polynesian shoulder tattoo is perfect for expressing your personality and the importance of your heritage when done correctly.

25. Maori Tattoo

This specific tribal design honors the Maori culture in particular. These tattoo designs are beautiful expressions of your identity or heritage. Because of its special significance, you should place it in the ideal spot. Maori tattoos are not replicated or copied because they are considered spiritual arts. When choosing a specific design, do your research first to avoid being offensive in the outcome.

26. Celtic Tattoo

A Celtic tattoo is a great way to honor your heritage. Some various creatures and symbols are essential to the Celts, such as trees and animals. The Celtic knot design is trendy and is associated with humanity and nature. You may also opt for symbols that represent life, love, and family.

27. Tribal Tattoo Design

Different tribal tattoo designs are depending on the culture or tribe from which they come from. These days, this popular ink design is more of a technique defined by black and thinks lines. Typically, these tattoos are associated with honor, strength, and protection. It is a popular tattoo design chosen by males, but females can also wear them like warriors.

28. Religious Tattoo

Apart from the Cross tattoo, other religious tattoo designs are also quite popular. These designs serve as a way to celebrate one’s faith or religion. Some particular choices include crosses, bible verses, rosary beads, and others. The shoulder is an ideal placement for these designs as it allows more intricate detailing.

29. Sexy Tattoo

For women who like to draw attention to their elegant shoulder lines and collarbones, a shoulder tattoo depicting delicate elements is a perfect choice. Your chosen design helps highlight your sexy spots, especially if you can confidently wear your ink with pride. Flowers, butterflies, and stars are pretty choices, but it will always be your choice to put in your shoulder tattoo.

30. Abstract Tattoo

If you want something unique for a shoulder tattoo design, an abstract tattoo might be an excellent choice for you. Most of the time, abstract art is conversation starters. They are unique and personal. Often the beauty lies in the wear as it represents something specific to them. This design is a great way to express yourself through fantastic body art.


How long does it take to make a shoulder tattoo?

It depends on the size and complexity of the design. A small tattoo can be done in one hour. A saucer sized tattoo can take anywhere from an hour to three hours. Some large and complex tattoos can take up to 30 hours (or more) in total. If it will take more than 4 hours, you can have it done in two sessions, or a whole day session with necessary breaks in between. Large tattoos are done over several non-consecutive days, allowing the tattoo to heal before adding more ink.

What does a tattoo on the shoulder symbolize?

The shoulder is a symbol of strength and support. A tattoo on the shoulder is a constant reminder of the support and strength that the person is supposed to carry. It also enhances the projection of the image and meaning of the tattoo.

Why do women get shoulder tattoos?

Besides being a strong point of appeal and emotional support, the shoulder is also a sexy part of a woman’s body. A woman gets a shoulder tattoo for herself, and enhancing a sexy shoulder provides affirmation of a woman’s sexiness and identity.

What are the most common shoulder tattoos for women?

The most common tattoos that women have on their shoulders include flowers, butterflies, and birds. The trend is to have a single image black work tattoo, small tattoos with fine lines or watercolors of flowing images.