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35 Matching Sibling Tattoos To Show Your Unbreakable Bond

There’s no bond stronger than the one between siblings. To celebrate your eternal love for each other, here are some matching tattoos you can get with your sibling(s).

1. Matching Sibling Tattoo

A sibling is not just a friend but also an art partner in crime. These matching sibling tattoos are more artistic because they are symbols or designs rather than words or pictures, so their tattoo choices can be less personalized. What matters most with these tattoos is the bond between the two of you, so when choosing one of these tattoos, it is important to be open about what you think is special and unique about your relationship with your sibling.

2. Cute Sibling Tattoos

In the spirit of child-like fun, brothers and sisters can choose to have cute matching tattoos. These cute sibling tattoos are more artistic than the others because they consist of specific symbols and designs rather than the more basic, single-color image. Some of these cute sibling tattoos include an arrow that points downwards (referring to being here for one another), a sun with each branch representing a family member, a lock that represents strength in unity, and two leaves from the same tree.

3. Unisex Sibling Tattoo

Tattoos are still categorized as masculine and feminine. Some tattoos are only seen with males, and other tattoos are primarily on females. For close families, unisex sibling tattoos work because they are ideas shared by either gender. These unisex tattoos can be any size and placed anywhere on the body.

4. Sister Tattoos

Some sister tattoos include a heart with their initials inside, a single teardrop to represent loss, an arrow through the wrist that meets at the back of the neck (referring to the sister’s connection and their need to protect one another), and a compass pointing north, south, east and west (the cardinal points of the Earth representing the family as a whole).

5. Brother Tattoos

Brothers can get tattoos with names written on them as a way of showing their connection, or they can get tattoos that depict cars or sports equipment to represent masculinity. Most brothers get tattoos of the sun, which is said to be a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment.

6. Brothers and Sister Tattoos

If you want to get tattoos with your siblings, brothers and sisters make good choices because they are close enough in age that they can share ideas about designs. Siblings can get matching tattoos of the moon to represent their connection, or they might choose to get a single word tattoo representing their sibling.

7. Sibling Memorial Tattoo for a Brother

A brother will always be missed, and a tattoo can serve as a reminder of his loss. A Sibling memorial tattoo for a brother is the ultimate way to show his significance in your life. The words you choose for a memorial tattoo are entirely up to you, but they must convey your relationship with him and remind you of what he meant to you.

8. Sibling Memorial Tattoo for a Sister

This tattoo idea is for siblings who have lost a sister. It showcases the deceased sister’s name and dates of birth and death inked in a beautiful calligraphy style. This shows how much the surviving sister misses her sibling and how valuable they are to each other.

9. Sibling Tattoos for A Sister and Two Brothers

This group tattoo represents the connection and love that three siblings share. The symbols in this tattoo, including a heart and an infinity symbol, represent the bond between the three people. This design represents the closeness that siblings share even if they live physically far apart. The sibling connection is something that should be constant in their lives.

10. Big Sister Little Sister Tattoo

This is a beautiful tattoo that represents your sisterhood like no other. It’s one of the most common yet cutest sibling tattoos because it displays how caring and protective you are of your little sister. It represents how little sisters depend on their big sister and how the elder one always looks out for the younger sister.

11. Sibling Tattoo for Three

This tattoo design shows the connection between three siblings. The triangle can be evenly divided to show equality among siblings, but it can also remind us that the three people are just one unit. This design is commonly chosen because it represents more than two people in a group, making it great for family reunions or memorials of lost loved ones.

12. Sibling Tattoo for Four

This tattoo symbolizes the love and connection between four siblings. The designs suggested for this tattoo are a group of flowers, represented by the rose, daisy, sunflower, and tulip, or four individual butterflies that stand for uniqueness and individuality. This design is commonly chosen as a group but can also be used to celebrate a life event.

13. Sibling Tattoos for Five 

This symbol shows the connection between five siblings. The design includes five stars or the sun to represent light and life, but you can make this tattoo uniquely your own by choosing a different set of symbols. This design is significant because it creates a sense of family despite physical distance or even death.

14. Unique Siblings Tattoo

This design has complementary elements that work together to create a cohesive whole. These tattoos are significant because they represent the connection between two people who share very few similarities but remain close. Popular choices include a compass to show the direction both people are going in, a single feather for each person to indicate individuality and uniqueness among two similar people, or a Bible verse that includes the words “brother” and “sister.”

15. Clever Siblings Tattoo

Clever siblings’ designs are meant to be fun and mysterious to keep other people guessing. It could be a private joke, a secret you kept as young children, or a symbol that represents your childhood together. What’s important is that all of your siblings understand it and share heartwarming memories when you see it.

16. Sibling Quotes Tattoos

Inseparable siblings have a special bond that other people may not understand. That’s why quotes from literature or song lyrics are popular choices for sibling tattoos. The tattoo can be just the quote itself, but you can add your last name beneath it to add a personal touch. “To the moon and back”, “All for one”, and “A house united” are popular choices for tattoos.

17. Sibling Initial Tattoos

This tattoo is a common choice for siblings who live apart from one another. It’s a clever way to recognize that your sibling is always with you, even if they’re not physically close. By choosing the same letters as your last name, this design can symbolize both as individuals and as part of the same family unit. This design represents that you carry your siblings with you no matter where you may be.

18. Simple Minimalist Sibling Tattoos

These tiny sibling tattoos are a popular choice for those who want to show their siblings they love them without drawing too much attention. These low-key designs can be worn anywhere, so people will recognize your commitment to your siblings no matter what you wear.

19. Tattoos that Represent Siblings

There are so many different ways to represent your sibling. Whether you want a tattoo that symbolizes one of the stages of life, like growing up and moving out on your own or just want something that represents family love, there’s a perfect design for you! These tattoos show how much siblings look out for each other and care about one another even when they’re all grown up and have families of their own.

20. My Siblings Protector Tattoo

The brothers have been protecting their sister from the day she was born. This tattoo describes a special bond between siblings and how they look out for one another. Most designs go for a sense of family and oneness, such as the word “siblings” written out to indicate that siblings are more than just friends.

21. Ohana Sibling Tattoo

Ohana means family in Hawaiian. This is a unique theme for siblings who have been separated by distance and just want to feel close again. Siblings can get matching tattoos of ohana birds, which are essentially family trees representing the different branches of your lineage, each contained within its branch to never be broken apart. However, the majority of ohana tattoos contain the word ohana in a stylized script. Between family members, no other words are needed.

22. Sibling Circle Tattoo

A sibling circle represents the connection between siblings and how they are always connected no matter the circumstance. There is a symbolic circle around the outside of the design, and there is often a line inside to indicate where you were in relation to your brother or sister. When two siblings get tattoos together, they always want them touching to have an unbroken chain.

23. Sibling Puzzle Tattoo

This is another tattoo choice for two siblings who want to show closeness and connection through a sense of puzzle pieces. The tattoos are typically designed as one piece with the edges touching, but the center area can be any shape or design. This design symbolizes a lifelong bond between siblings, and it can be a great choice for a tattoo that represents your sibling connection.

24. Celtic Sibling Knot Tattoo

The symbols of the Celtic knot tie together, which is why this tattoo is often used as a symbol of everlasting love and friendship. This Celtic style design shows that siblings have a connection that will never be broken. Its unbroken lines characterize this tattoo, so when choosing this design, you should be sure that the people in your sibling tattoo are very close.

25. Sibling Tree Tattoos

Trees are a popular symbol in tattoo designs. They can represent growth, life, stability, and family. The image of two trees together with roots growing around your sibling’s names represents how you grew up in the same home, planted deep roots in the ground with your family, and will stand by each other through everything that comes your way.

26. Disney Sibling Tattoos

Pop culture continues to be a popular source of tattoo inspiration. Whether you both love the same movie or it holds a special memory from childhood, getting a Disney sibling tattoo is a fun way to show your siblings that you’ll always be with them no matter how old you get.

27. Sibling Heart Tattoo

The siblings’ heart is a simple yet meaningful tattoo. This is a classic symbol of love and a bond between siblings. You can have the exact design inked among all siblings or variations of the heart design. For example, the eldest sibling can get the biggest one. The youngest will have the smallest heart, etc.

28. Geometric Sibling Tattoo

Get your siblings inked with matching geometric designs. These tattoos are small, simple, and easy to do on any part of the body. The simplest way to get this design is by getting two identical shadows, one for each sibling.

29. Celestial Sibling Tattoos

Does your sibling like astrology? Get each of you a matching constellation tattoo. This way, you both carry not only the same design but also share the same zodiac sign. You can choose whatever pattern you like; just make sure it’s something that both siblings love. Alternatively, you can have a sun and moon design to represent how different you are as an individual.

30. Fractions Sibling Tattoo

If you were close even though you didn’t grow up together, getting fraction tattoos is perfect. Just like the fractions of the number pie, your bond will always remain split yet equal. You can get it done on any part of your body; make sure to find the right design that suits both of you perfectly.

31. Creative Sibling Tattoo

Get a creative tattoo to express your uniqueness. This can be in the form of a word or a design that only you two will recognize. The best part about these tattoos is that you can easily personalize the design to suit your preferences. An interesting touch will be to add fire, water, earth, or air. These are four elements that complete the world and represent how essential your sibling is in your life.

32. Four Card Symbol Sibling Tattoo

This is one of the tattoos that require thinking outside the box. It uses four playing cards that each represent what your bond means to you. You can choose to use any form of playing cards; just make sure to find suitable symbols for the two of you.

33. Pinky Promise Sibling Tattoo

This is another type of sibling tattoo that you can get inked on your body. It is two hands holding one finger each to symbolize the everlasting bond between siblings. The handprints are usually accompanied by a heart to signify love and togetherness.

34. Split Pair Sibling Tattoo

This is one of the most creative tattoo ideas for siblings. It looks like two pairs that are split into what seems like four pieces. This type of sibling tattoos is usually accompanied by matching quotes to further strengthen their bond.

35. Four Leaf Clover Sibling Tattoo

This is yet another type of sibling tattoo that is popular among friends. It uses a four-leaf clover to represent the everlasting bond between siblings. This tattoo idea is also paired with matching quotes or messages to further solidify their bond.


What tattoo image symbolizes brothers?

Several tattoo images represent brothers. These include the Celtic tree of life, stars, an angel or devil with wings, and inked words in Old English text.

What is the significance of twin tattoos?

Twin tattoos are meant to symbolize two people who share the same characteristics. This includes zodiac signs, birth dates, and even both having the same tattoo images.

What is the meaning of sibling tattoos?

Sibling tattoos are meant to symbolize deep bonds and unbreakable love between individuals who grew up together. They usually use matching wording such as “always” or “forever.” What do cross tattoos mean? Cross tattoos can be designed in many different ways.

What symbol represents a sister or sisterhood?

The symbol for sister or sisterhood is usually a flower, which can also mean femininity. This type of tattoo may also include the name and birth year of the person inked.

Why should you get sibling tattoos?

Sibling tattoos can be significant to individuals who grew up together or shared similar interests. They are perfect for marking special events in one’s life.

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