20 Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

It can be hard to tell whether a guy likes you or not. Sometimes he might show signs that he’s interested, but other times he might try to hide his feelings. If you’re not sure what to look for, here are 20 signs that he likes you but is hiding it.

1. He compliments you.

This is one of the most obvious signs that a guy likes you. If he’s always complimenting your clothes, hair, or personality, there’s a good chance he fancies you.

2. He finds any reason to spend time with you

When a guy likes you, he’ll try to spend as much time with you as possible. Whether it’s hanging out at school or in public, he’ll take any opportunity he can get to be near you.

3. He’s jealous of other guys who talk to you

If he gets jealous when you hang out with his friends or other guys, it’s a sure sign that he likes you. He’s trying to make it clear that you’re his girl and wants to make sure no one else tries to take his place.

4. He tries to please your family and friends

He’ll try to make a good impression with your family and friends. He might offer to do small things for them or offer up his time without expecting anything in return. If he does this, it’s a sign that he wants everyone to know how much he likes you.

5. You sometimes catch him staring at you and quickly looking away

When he likes you, it can be hard for him to hide his feelings. Sometimes his emotions get the best of him and he can’t help but look at you. If you catch him looking, don’t be surprised if he quickly looks away. But you might catch him looking again! This game of peek-a-boo is a sure sign that he likes you.

6. He is very protective of you

If he’s always making sure you’re safe or looking out for your well-being, it could be a sign that he likes you. For example, if he tries to walk you home from school or accompanies you whenever you go somewhere new, there’s a good chance his feelings are deeper than friendship.

7. He always wants to know how you are doing

If he always wants to know how you’re doing and makes a point of checking up on you, there’s a good chance that he likes you. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you and is always concerned about your well-being.

8. He looks where you look

This is a sign that he is aware of your presence. Since you are the main object of his focus, whatever you do or look at will grab his attention too.

9. He follows you on all of your social media accounts

If he’s always the first to like your posts and comments, it’s a sign that he is trying his best to stay connected with you. This also lets you know that when you’re not together in person, he still has feelings for you.

10. He becomes nervous when around you, but acts cool on the outside

When he likes you, it can be hard for him to hide his feelings. He might try to act cool in front of your friends or pretend that everything is normal. But when it’s just the two of you, he might become more nervous and shy around you.

11. He teases you

If he teases you, it could be a sign that he is interested. Guys might tease or joke around with girls they like in order to get their attention and make them laugh.

12. He smiles when you are around

A sign that a guy likes you is when he is simply happy just to be around you. Even if the two of you aren’t talking, he’ll still be thinking about you and might be playing out the next joke he is going to tell you in his mind.

13. He makes physical contact

Whenever he sees an opportunity to touch you, like putting an arm around your shoulder, he will take it. Even the slightest touch will be enough to make him happy.

He might follow certain trends you like in order to make you happy or keep you smiling. He might even pretend he likes these trends for your sake, but in reality it’s only because he wants to be closer to you.

15. Whenever your name is mentioned, it will visibly get his attention

If he hears your name mentioned somewhere, it will automatically get his attention. He might even try to turn around and see who is talking about you or where the sound came from that made you stand out. This is a telltale sign he is interested in you.

16. He tries to make plans with you

If he tries to make plans with you, it’s a sign that he is interested in you. He will get excited about things he usually has no interest in doing if you suggest it to him as something you could both do together.

17. When something goes wrong, he will always try to cheer you up

Everyone has their own way of showing sympathy and support, and if he tries to make you feel better when something bad happens, it means that he cares about you. It may be too soon for him to reveal his true feelings for you, but this is a sign that his affections exist.

18. His friends and family like you

If his friends and family like you, it means they know about his feelings for you. They might even tell him to make a move on you or ask if there is any chance of the two of you becoming something more than friends.

19. He listens to everything you have to say

No matter how mundane or trivial, when it comes to you, he’s all eyes and ears. He will listen to everything you have to say and try his best to remember it all.

20. He makes sure that you are never alone

If he notices that you’re alone and it makes him feel bad, this means that he wants to be the person who is by your side. Whenever you are alone, he will always try to approach you and support you in any way he can.

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