22 Creative Sister Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

The bond between sisters is one of the strongest. But choosing a tattoo to celebrate your sisterhood bond can be hard. There are so many great ideas for tattoos, but it’s important that you and your sister both like the design! This post is here to help you find that perfect idea.

Before we begin, here are some things to keep in mind:

♥ Be sure that everyone is comfortable with the design and will love it for life! Tattoos are permanent so it’s important that later down the line none of you would regret it.  

♥ Pick something that you all like and will each be willing to live with for the rest of your lives. It’s the idea behind the tattoo, not just its design or location, that is important!   

♥ Make sure everyone is committed to getting a tattoo together before any appointments are made.  

♥ Pick a design that fits each sister’s personality and interests.  

♥ Be willing to compromise and choose designs that everyone can live with. You might not always get the tattoo you want, but it should still be a design you like.

♥ If you can’t decide on one idea, pick out some options together or let each sister pick what she likes best.

♥ If you love the idea of matching tattoos, but aren’t sure about getting the same design or where to place it – consider this! You can each choose a small element from a larger design and work together to create something that represents all of you. This way you’ll have a tattoo that fits each of your personalities, but is still unique to the sisterhood!

♥ If it’s possible, try to wait until all of you are ready – i.e. not just one sister gets her tattoo and the rest are still stuck deciding.

♥ If you’re not sure you want tattoos at all, there are many other ways for you to celebrate your special bond. From matching jewelry to clothing accessories – it’s up to what works best for each sister.  

So, use this list as inspiration and get creative about your ideas!

1. Matching Sister Tattoos

Matching tattoos are some of the most popular ideas out there. They can be matching symbols, words, or even full designs! A good way to decide on a design is to pick something that reminds you of your bond or what makes you both truly happy. This could be a shared favorite animal, hobby, color – you could even combine all of these things into one design!

2. Sister Symbol Tattoos

A sister symbol can be a beautiful and meaningful way to remember and honor your sister. Symbols range from the obvious choices like infinity symbols, hearts, or even just lettering that spells out ‘sisters.’

3. Sister Tattoos for Two

For two sisters getting a tattoo together, you can really get creative and come up with any design you like, but be sure to keep in mind the things that are special to you both. You might want a tattoo that represents both of your personalities or one that highlights an important life event you two have shared.

4. Sister Tattoos for Three

If you’re a triplet, then you already know how important it is to stick together. That bond can be celebrated with tattoos that all three of you share! You could pick one design and color that would encompass all of your personalities or come up with something new that represents the uniqueness of each sister.

5. Sister Tattoos for Four

If you and your sisters are lucky enough to be a part of a larger sisterhood, it’s important to celebrate that bond as well! It can be hard to choose just one design when each of you may have so many great ideas. Here are some fun ways you could each pick out an idea for yourselves. You could all wear matching tattoos in different places, or maybe one design will represent each of you!

6. Small Sister Tattoos

Small or tiny tattoos are the cutest! They’re subtle and also easy to hide. If you all share a preference for small designs, then this will be the obvious choice.

7. Unique Sister Tattoos

When you’re all looking for tattoos that are just as unique as you are, it might be tough to find something that everyone likes. Getting tattoos is always a big decision, so it’s important that if you do get different tats, they still remind each of you of your sisterhood bond. You could pick some designs together or let each sister pick what she likes best.

8. Big Sister Little Sister Tattoos

This is a simple yet very endearing concept, the older sister gets “big sister” written out and the younger sister gets “little sister.” Your date of births can also be added if you like. Then you can pick an additional design element to tie them together.

9. Soul Sister Tattoos

Sisterhood happens not only because two women are blood-related. Soul sisters are two friends who feel that they are more sisters at heart than they are just friends. But of course, actual sisters can be soul-sisters too!

10. Disney Sister Tattoos

If you love Disney, then you might want to consider getting matching tattoos of your favorite characters. There are so many great characters to choose from – pick the ones which are most meaningful to you!

11. Meaningful Sister Tattoos

There are so many different types of sister symbols, words, ideas for tattoos that can be meaningful to you and your sister. It’s important to choose something that makes you both happy, but also something that has deep meaning to the two of you. Maybe the tattoo is a reminder of an important event or maybe it’s just something that reminds you both of your sisterhood bond.

12. Simple Sister Tattoos

Sometimes a sister tattoo just needs a simple touch to make it that much more special. You can add an outline or some color to your designs, but if you want something simplistic, you don’t have to add anything at all! For example, the names of each sister could be written out in a clean, simple font.

13. Twin Sister Tattoos

Twin tattoos are another great way to commemorate the bond you share with your sister. If you have a twin sister, it could be extra special to get matching tattoos together! You could even use your tattoos to remember the day that the two of you became identical twins.

14. Sister Tattoos 1 of 3

A sequential tattoo such as ‘1 of 3’ or ‘1 of 4’ is a cool concept for sister tattoos. You can pick the order, but it will typically follow your ages. So the oldest sister will be number one, and the youngest will be last. It can go on with as many siblings as you are. The only problem with this tattoo is if you have an unexpected new addition to your sisterhood – so check with mom to make sure no more siblings will be on the way!

15. Sister Flower Tattoos

Still looking for ideas? Consider matching sister flower tattoos! Flowers represent all kinds of things and can add a little extra touch to your sister’s tattoo. They’re also the perfect choice for sisters with very different personalities because they can be combined in so many different ways.

16. Morse Code Sister Tattoos

Another unique alternative is including the Morse code of your names into your matching sister tattoos. The Morse code can make up the stem of a rose and leaves tattoo. You and your sister will only be the ones to know what it means unless somebody who knows Morse code sees it too. 

17. Pinky Promise Tattoos

Another ideal tattoo design that sisters can share is the “pinky promise” tattoo. Sisters who are also best friends will find this design to be significant. Getting it inked is like making a forever promise that you will not let each other down. With this ink design, you can always think that one hand is yours and the other one is your sister’s. 

18. Birds Sister Tattoos

A cute tattoo design that sisters can explore is those with birds in it. Just like flowers, most girls would appreciate an excellent bird tattoo design. You may decide to have the number of birds tattooed according to your number of sisters. You can also design it creatively to showcase your line order and symbolize the eldest or the youngest sibling. 

19. Sister Heart Tattoos

Another great way to symbolize your sisterly bond is to get a matching heart tattoo. It means that you hold each other close to your heart, and you are critical to each other.

20. Sister Tattoos Quotes

Do you and your sister love literature? Is there a specific poem or line in your favorite books that best describes your unique bond? Quotes tattoo also work wonderfully as sister tattoos. If you share a love for words, you can easily find a selection that represents your bond. Some famous quotes for sisters are “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” from Winnie the Pooh, and “Big sis I wanna be just like you when I grow up” from The Fox and the Hound.

21. Geometric Sister Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are designed uniquely depending on your preference. The design can be abstract, so there might also be a deeper meaning for you and your sister. These tattoos are often made of lines and shapes without much detail or shading. But you can always customize it by adding a pop of color.

22. Memorial Sister Tattoos

The pain of losing a sister, especially if you have a firm bond, takes time to heal. If you want to keep your sister close to you and always remember them, you can have a memorial tattoo to express your everlasting bond with a quote such as “until we meet again”.


What is a Sister Tattoo?

Sister tattoos are ink designs you get done with your siblings to showcase your love for each other. These can be matching tattoos or complementary pairs like two halves of a whole. 

What is a Symbol for Sister?

The most commonly associated symbol for sisters is the Celtic Sister Knot. It’s the universal symbol of sisterhood, showing the eternal bond we share with our sisters. 

What’s the Best Place For a Sister Tattoo?

One of the best locations for a sister tattoo is on the wrist. That’s because wrist tattoos will always be on display. So, it’s an excellent choice if you want to constantly showcase the bond between you and your sibling. 

Is There a Tattoo Symbol for Twins?

For twin sisters, a great tattoo symbol to consider is the Gemini sign. That’s because in astrology, the zodiac Gemini is a sign associated with twins.