‘Sister Wives’ Star Mykelti Padron Gives Birth, Welcomes Twin Boys

Kody Brown is a grandfather once more! Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, Mykelti Padron, has given birth to twin sons.

Her boys, Archer Banks and Ace McCord, were born two minutes apart on November 17. Archer weighs 6.15 pounds and stands 19 inches tall, while Ace stands 6.8 and 19 inches tall.

Mykelti, 26, and her husband, Tony Padron, have a one-year-old daughter named Avalon, who was born at home and was featured on the current season of TLC’s Sister Wives.

Christine and Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown, both got to meet Mykelti’s newborn kids and pose for photographs with them. Despite Christine and Robyn’s estrangement, Mykelti has maintained a strong relationship with Robyn.

Robyn was present for Avalon’s delivery through Zoom. In a recent Sister Wives episode, Mykelti promised Robyn that she’ll “always be mom,” no matter what happens with her and Christine.

Mykelti has been updating her followers on her pregnancy on social media, and she recently revealed that she will be induced by Thursday, Nov. 17 at the very latest, to birth her babies by the 38-week mark.


Mykelti uploaded a mirror photo showing her stunning naked baby belly at 35 weeks pregnant, stating, “My twin boys are doing great. Baby A is measuring 5.13lbs Baby B is 5.7lbs which is above average for their current stage. They also have hair and are running out of room in there. My body/pregnant belly is measuring 47 weeks!!! That’s 7 weeks past a normal pregnancy. AKA I’m really uncomfortable and don’t sleep well. But I have anywhere from today to three weeks left, so there’s an end in sight. Then a whole new and exciting/difficult challenge starts.”

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