25 Frighteningly Cool Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs

Skeleton hand tattoos are fascinating ink jobs that have grown trendy. It can be seen on various parts of the body, and worn by both sexes. Skeleton tattoos imply death in its various forms, or it commemorates the life of a loved one. Skeleton tattoos can also be humorous as well as horrific. There are funny renditions of these images, and on the other end of the spectrum, some truly gross and horrible, but great, drawings.

The following are prevailing examples, a sampling of the state of the art of skeleton and skull tattoos, primarily drawn on the hand. These are inspiring, terrible stuff of nightmares, but enjoyable to look at and a sure conversation starter.

1. Realistic Skeleton Tattoo

Hyper-realistic tattoo design can be amazing, but when you choose a skeleton ink, it kind of looks creepy. The artist can make your tattoo look like it’s real because of all the intricate details incorporated in this technique. On the other hand, it can take some time to complete and is more expensive than simpler designs. Still, getting this type of tattoo is worth it when you see people do a double take when they see it. Try out an X-ray inspired design that looks as though the skin is transparent. 

2. Simple Hand Skeleton Tattoo

Tattoos can be simple or intricate. Those who want a quick, laid-back or minimalistic approach can opt for a simple hand skeleton tattoo. It takes less time to complete, more affordable and can be simple as you want it. But though it is made simply, it still carries the same meaning as those made with hyper-realistic techniques. 

3. Skeleton Hand Outline Tattoo

For an interesting and cool tattoo design, you might want to consider getting a skeleton hand ink. It makes a dramatic statement as the outlines are made detailed and intricate. Skeleton images are very popular tattoo design options for many because it is a reminder of one’s mortality. Although death is a dark subject, it still has that positive interpretation. Those who decide to have this type of ink on their hands are those that choose to live life to the fullest without any regrets. A hand tattoo might be a rebellious move, but it is also a painful tattoo placement, thus, make sure that you are putting something that is really meaningful for you.  

4. Dancing Skeleton Tattoo

If you dare to be different or goofy, you can get one of these dancing skeleton tattoos in colorful designs. Placed on highly visible spots, it can draw lots of attention. If this is your first ink, you should first get a small design and work it up later on. 

5. Skeleton Face Tattoo

When deciding on a tattoo design for the hand, you should choose something you relate with. Getting your hand inked is more painful than any other parts of the body. It is also a spot for something that you will want to look at every day. Your tattoo design will be highly-visible not only to you, but for others as well. If life and death continues to fascinate you, a skeleton face tattoo might be a good choice for a hand inking. Skeletons are often associated with how fleeting human existence is about or the thin balance between life good and bad. Depending on the overall design, skeleton face tattoo has various interpretations which are all meaningful and interesting. 

6. Skeleton Hand with Snake Tattoo

If you love hyper-realistic techniques, a skeleton hand holding a snake is a fantastic project for your next inking. Hyper-realistic technique creates real-life objects and having this design on your hand will have people taking a second look at you. It will look creepy but interesting. It can symbolize many things including the balance between good and evil. If you can take the pain of getting inked in the hand, then this design is a worth it project to take.  

7. Skeleton Mouth Tattoo

The skeleton mouth is one of the most popular inkings for both men and women. The idea for the design features the mouth and nose portion of a skeleton. It is often placed in the hand to create a creepy optical illusion when the hand is used to cover the face. It is a trendy tattoo for some people, and others were inspired by the same tattoo that The Joker wore on the Suicide Squad movie.  

8. Traditional Skeleton Tattoo

Traditional tattoo techniques became popular in the 1930s. It is defined by bold black lines and bright color palette. It is often worn by sailors and people on the edges of society. Traditional tattoos have a theme and the most popular ones are nautical, hearts, zoomorphic and skulls. It is eye-catching and makes a bold statement for a design that you want to show off. Your skeleton tattoo done in traditional technique will look more exciting with other imagery, phrases and dates. 

9. Skeleton and Face Tattoos

If you want a trendy combination for your next inking, the skeleton and face tattoo is a cool and symbolic choice. The skull and skeleton images are often associated with death, but on the positive note, it also represents one’s desire to live life to the fullest. There are a hundred ways to depict a skeleton face tattoo and there are various techniques to be used. The most popular choice among today’s generation is a realistic representation of the human face with half of it revealing the skull. Some people also opt to get a skeleton face with all the bones and muscles. The choice still depends on what you want to have in your body art. 

10. Minimalist Skeleton Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos consist of line art or outlines. This design appeals to people who wish to have the simplest body art. They don’t have that heavy shading or intricacies, but are more focused on the basics. A minimalist skeleton hand tattoo is an effortless way to represent your fearlessness, strength or protection. It may also serve as a reminder of a loved one who already passed away. 

11. Small Skeleton Tattoo

A hand tattoo can be a way of showing off a body art, or an act of defiance for some. It is very visible and there is no way of covering it up. Your hand tattoo can achieve the meaning that you want to put across even if it is a small skeleton hand tattoo. Skeletons are associated with mortality and death, and while the meanings range widely, they often associate with these two meanings.

12. Indian Chief Skeleton Tattoo

Native American emblems and designs are popular choices when it comes to getting a tattoo. It is one way of looking back at one’s culture and honoring it. This tattoo design depicts positive connotations as is seen as a protector of the wearer. This design looks best with bleeding colors, vibrant colors and watercolor techniques. It takes away the creepiness of the skull tattoo. 

13. Day of the Dead Skeleton Tattoo

Day of the Dead or the popular Dia De Los Muertos is a Mexican celebration honoring the loved ones who passed away. There is great preparation for this significant day and it includes skull and skeleton decorations. The sugar skull has become the inspiration of many to get a Dia De Los Muertos tattoo on their hand. It has intricate and symbolic design that is reminiscent of this beautiful tradition. Designs inspired by this celebration are not as creepy as the other skeleton tattoo designs. These ones represent death and remembrance as a way of honoring a loved one. Often the tattoos are colored with vivid hues, bold shades or if you prefer, you can have it in a simple black ink design. 

14. Rock and Roll Skeleton Tattoo

Rock and roll music has been a trend for many years, and even today. It is a musical preference that crosses time and age. Some people combine their tattoo design with their musical preferences, thus, it is common for you to see rock and roll skeleton hand tattoos. Have it inked using the universal rock and roll hand signal in skeleton  design for a bold and cool appearance. 

15. Metal Skeleton Tattoo

Metal is a kind of music closely related to rock and roll. When combined with a skeleton tattoo, the design or the interpretation are often the same too. Fans who love this musical genre can express their desire to keep the music playing by incorporating the universally known sign for metal music. Getting this inked on the hand is one of the best ways to show off your musical preferences. 

16. Skeleton Bone Tattoo

The bones of the hand are truly remarkable, and getting a replica of these is a common inking design that some people choose to have. Skeleton tattoos are somewhat creepy for other people, but they are also interesting and unique. It is associated with death, protection, fearlessness and courage. Depending on how it is designed, each individual will have a specific meaning for their bone tattoo design. Show off this wonderful body art on your hand for a significant statement.  

17. Skeleton and Rose Tattoo

Sometimes, people choose odd combinations in tattoo designs to achieve their desired meanings. A skeleton holding a rose tattoo design is not a common sight to see. But the combined elements are associated with love and death. Roses represent pleasure and pain, passion and new beginnings. On the other hand, the skeleton hand means the hand of death. Inked together in an intricate design, these two elements create a stunning image based on the wearer’s interpretation. It can mean the end of a passionate love, or about a lost loved one. 

18. Skeleton Hands With A Heart Sign

Would like to take off the morbid thoughts associated with skeletons, you can consider having this cute tattoo design. Skeleton making a heart tattoo designs are typically associated with death or lost love, but it can also mean making peace with oneself. You can take it as a positive reminder of your period of darkness and how you have pushed yourself to recover after a heartache. There are many ways to interpret such design and it depends on how you view it. This skeleton tattoo design can be placed on your chest for a detailed and intricate body art, or you can have it on your hand for a simple yet constant reminder of your goals. 

19. Skeleton with Snakes and Flower Tattoo

Skulls and skeleton tattoos are universally recognized symbols representing darkness and death. It is an interesting choice for some people, but combined with other elements, it can create an entirely different meaning. A skull with a flower and snake tattoo means a struggle between good and bad, desire or sin. This tattoo design is an excellent choice for those who want a profound reminder of their struggles and their strength while staying on the right path. 

20. Skeleton Skull and Snake Tattoo

These two images are often seen combined in a body art that purports an exciting and meaningful design. Both the skull and the snake are associated with dark meanings, death and destruction. But depending on how the wearer sees it, it can also have some positive representations. It can mean new chances at life, renewal, overcoming struggle and being stronger. A good placement for an interesting piece of body art like this is the hand. It has great visibility and you can look at it everyday as a reminder of why you have it inked.  

21. Couple Skeleton Tattoo

This couple skeleton tattoo design is a popular choice among partners and couples of course! The design represents their everlasting love for one another and it is like saying that only death will take them apart. These tattoo designs are trendy and cool. They also have significant meanings based on the wearer. 

22. Skeleton Clock Hand Tattoo

A skeleton and clock tattoo on the hand is a cool choice if you want a body art that would make people think about its meaning. The skeleton is a universally accepted symbol of death or darkness. It can represent your life or the afterlife. There are many meanings that come with this image, but the most common one is related to human mortality. On the other hand, a clock is also a symbol of life and death. It is used as a reminder of humans’ temporary time on earth. A combination of these two images can bring out negative and positive representations depending on the wearer. 

23. Skeleton Man Tattoo

This is a modern and fun tattoo design that takes away the creepy and morbid side of the skeleton. It can be done in small, minimalist ink on the hand or have it big and detailed on other parts of the body. This design is something that will make you love your skeleton tattoo.

24. Girl Skeleton Tattoo

This unique tattoo idea can be done in many different ways. Both male and females can have this inking project done on their hands or in other parts of the body. Some people use this design to cover up an old tattoo associated with a person that they want to forget. The larger the area, the better and more intricate designs you can make. 

25. Sugar Skull Tattoo

Sugar skull is a specific style that is light-hearted, colorful and reminiscent of Day of the Dead posters. It is quite feminine and is popular among young ladies. The skull symbolizes remembrance of loss, as well as a commemoration of a loved one who has passed.


Why is there a fascination with skeleton tattoos?

Skeletons and skulls evoke memories of horror movies, Halloween, and death. The images call forth memories of fun times, sad and lonely occasions, as well as a cause for celebrating life. For some, skeletons hold novelty and a fear factor that bring them nightmares. These fearsome objects hold constant fascination for many people.

How long does it take a skeleton on hand tattoo?

A hand tattoo can take 2-3 hours to finish, depending on the complexity. A large tattoo or one with a complex design can take up to 5 hours, while a small outline tattoo can take a few minutes.

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