This Little Boy Was Too Scared To Sleep Alone In His Room, So An Artist Painted An Awesome Galaxy Mural Just For Him

Crispin Young Wilson is a part-time painter from Oregon, US. Last week she was getting ready to paint her latest project.

She’d been asked to paint her friend’s son’s room to make it look like the night sky, as little Benjamin was too scared to sleep in there.

“[My friend] has a little boy who refuses to sleep in his own room,” she said, “When my friend got his new place, he wanted me to come over and paint the room, hoping it will entice his son to sleep in it.”

So Crispin used light-reactive paints to create a gorgeous landscape that would only appear when the lights were out.

Here’s what the room looks like in the light.

“I’ve done this for myself in each place I have lived,” added Crispin, “The landlords either never knew, didn’t care, or new tenants liked it and didn’t complain.”

When she was finished, Benjamin’s parents got him into bed. Crispin says he was “gearing up to pitch a fit” because he’s in his hated room — until he sees what she’s painted.

They tucked him in and told him they were turning out the lights…


And he saw this.


Isn’t it stunning?


Benjamin’s parents snapped his reaction, and he was so excited he ran out of bed to flick the light switch on and off to watch the stars disappear and reappear.


“Ben sounds very proud,” says Crispin, “I think he will love his new room, and it makes me so happy to help his transition to the new home a little easier and more enjoyable.”

She admits the response (a whopping 30,000 retweets and a massive amount of painting requests) has been “surreal”, but Crispin says she’s “touched by how positive it’s been”.

Can you come and paint our house now, please?