22 Adorable Photos Of Smiling Animals. These Will Make You Smile.

Did you know that having a pet can lower your blood pressure? We’re not surprised, it’s hard not to get a big ol’ grin on your face after looking at these.

#1. “Oh you GUYS!”
Oh you GUYS!

#2. “Hey! How are you?”
Hayyyy! How are you?

#3. All this frog needs now is a cigar and a monocle.
This froggy has a happy secret.

#4. This hyena looks like he’s up to something.
What a humorous hyena!

#5. “Cheeeeeese!”

#6. Someone has a case of the giggles!
Someone has a case of the giggles!

#7. And this one too!
That was a knee-slapper!

#8. “Wanna be my friend?
Wanna be my friend?

#9. I may be little, but my smile is big.
I may be little, but my smile is BIG.

#10. This happy chappy looks like he’s having an Otter-ly hilarious time.
Otter LOLS!

#11. I want to adopt this one and call him Snowball.
This is what a contented smile looks like.

#12. This big cat looks like he’s just spotted his supper.
Big cats have big cat GRINS.

#13. This dog could put anyone in a good mood.
This guy could put anyone in a good mood.

#14. Purrrrrrrfect smile, kitty.
Purrrrrrrfect smile, kitty.

#15. This owl looks like my uncle giving a wink after telling a bad joke.

#16. Baby elephants generate happiness.
Baby elephants generate happiness.

#17. “Oh my! Are these for me?”
Oh my! Are these for me?!

#18. Goats can smile too.
This goat kid isn't kidding, he wants you to smile!

#19. Just keep swimming, just keep smiling.
Just keep swimming, just keep smiling!

#20. Now this little fella is truly adorable.

#21. The eyes reveal inner bliss.

#22. If you’ve ever wondered what a cheeky turtle looks like, here’s your guy.

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