Secret Camera Set Up To Catch ‘Thief’ Discovers Him Doing Something Disgusting

Sarah and her boyfriend were sharing an apartment in New Zealand with another couple they’d found through a house share website. Everything was going well, until Sarah realized her roommates were rummaging through her belongings and using her things.

“When you find your flatmate’s blonde hair in your knicker drawer, you’ve got ask yourself some questions,” said Sarah.


“I often used dry shampoo which was brown to match my dark hair, and [my flatmate] has blonde hair. One day after work I asked if she had dyed her roots because they were so brown and she went bright red.”

To confirm her suspicions, Sarah and her boyfriend set up a camera in their room to catch the thieving flatmates red-handed.

When she watched the footage back, Sarah wasn’t exactly surprised to see her female flatmate helping herself to Sarah’s hair and face products.

She was understandably horrified, however, when she saw that her male flatmate snuck into her room, too, and seemed to rub Sarah and her boyfriend’s toothbrushes against his genitals.


Sarah confronted the couple (after buying new toothbrushes), and apparently the guy confessed to having a “toothbrush obsession”.

Sarah’s since moved out, unsurprisingly, but you can watch the bizarre footage below.

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