Southwest Boots Black Trump Supporter For Lowering Face Mask To Eat

Southwest Airlines is facing backlash after a viral video showed a flight attendant kicking a black Trump supporter off a flight after he reportedly lowered his “Trump” face mask to eat nuts.

The airline says the man, who was also wearing a “Black Voices for Trump” hat, refused multiple requests to wear a face covering.

The video, which surfaced on Twitter yesterday, shows the man eating a bag of mixed dried fruit and nuts while the mask rests below his chin. He can be heard arguing with a flight attendant, explaining that his mask was down because he was eating.

“Can you tell us the policy that prevents him from taking his mask off while he’s eating, please?” conservative activist and attorney KrisAnne Hall, who was the person filming, can be heard asking the flight attendant.

Moments later the man can be seen packing up and heading towards the plane exit, while Hall is heard continuing to question the mask policy of the airline.

According to Hall, the man – identified as Philip Ndifon – was ‘actively eating and complied when asked to wear a mask,’ adding ‘other people eating and they aren’t kicked off the plane… Yet a black man in a Trump hat gets kicked off.’