“Disrespectful” Tourists’ Terrible Choice Of Swim Spot Sparks Outrage In Rome

Three female tourists in Rome, Italy, have sparked outrage after being photographed stripping down to their bikinis and splashing around in a 400-year-old fountain.


Temperatures soared to 32C this weekend in Rome, so the trio decided to cool off in the famous Fontana dell’Acqua Paola in the historic capital city.

After the photos were posted online, locals were furious that the youngsters treated the 17th-century monument as their own personal paddling pool.

Online magazine Trastevere tweeted angrily, “It is very hot but the fountain of Janiculum can not become a pool … tourists, Rome deserves more respect!”


“You should go and do something similar in England or Germany,” added another person, while one woman simply wrote, “These [women] are so rude.”

Others criticized the police for not arresting the women, and even attacked the photographer for not stepping in.

But one woman actually praised the tourists for raising people’s awareness of the monument, saying: “These young girls are giving meaning to ancient remains that are generally ignored!”


Over to you — are they rude tourists lacking respect for a city, or just some youngsters having fun?