Stephen King And Elon Musk Are Fighting Again

Stephen King, the horror author, and Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and self-described “Chief Twit,” remain at odds.

The current round appears to be over possible Twitter sponsors and whether Mike Lindell’s famed MyPillow is as excellent as he says.

King began the conversation by claiming that Twitter was rapidly declining and would soon lose advertising left and right.

“Pretty soon, My Pillow will be the sole advertising remaining on Twitter,” he tweeted.

Musk also commented, perhaps taking a shot at King for failing to follow through on his promise to leave the platform.

“Oh, hello, lol,” he said.

But Musk was distracted by King’s remark, wondering, “Is My Pillow really a nice pillow?” “I’m intrigued now.”

“Superb. Maintains shape. Keeps cool. More than 51 million sold. May I send you some?” Dr. Sebastian Gorka offered to send a few pillows for Musk to try — and several others offered reviews of the pillows — or promo codes that he could use to get some for himself.

Musk and King previously clashed when the billionaire disclosed his desire to charge a $20 monthly fee for platform certification.

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