20 Crazy Old Inventions That’ll Make You Wonder WTF Was Going On Back Then

The road to all our modern day marvels was not one without many trials and tribulations. As these photos show, many absolutely ridiculous and impractical inventions were attempted along the way.

#1. Let’s start with this guy who added what appears to be a jet pack to his bicycle

#2. And inventions like this baby cage hundreds of feet high seemed like a great idea.

#3. In fact, they were pretty big on hanging babies off anything really, like their parents.

#4. Or between bikes. Look how much fun this little girl’s having!

#5. Or how about this home sun bed to tan while you sleep?

#6. This handy device will help anyone on their way to being a (literal) chain smoker.

#7. Who doesn’t want to wear a wooden bathing suit?

#8. The race to be airbourne lead to numerous lunatics attaching wings to themselves and leaping off cliffs.

#9. The more wings the better.

#10. Really.

#11. This handy robot shaving assistant definitely isn’t a horrific accident waiting to happen.

#12. Someone decided it was time for “auto polo” to become America’s national sport.

#13. And in 1958, Ford completely lost it and invented this atomic car.

#14. Safe driving came second to fresh coffee.

#15. This lady could read your mind with her trendy hat.

#16. And hitchhikers had this super safe way to travel.

#17. Going to the salon looked like a scene out of The Matrix.

#18. And this lady had an exciting Thanksgiving using her infra-red turkey cooker.

#19. Then there’s this totally practical 10-person bicycle.

#20. The future of fire safety came in the form of asbestos suits.

We’re glad these bizarre ideas and inventions are safely in the history books and not in the real world.