Turn Boring Human Babies Into Cats With These Cat-Tail Romper Suits

If you always wanted a cat and somehow ended up with a boring old human baby, finally you can live your cat-child hybrid dreams with this romper that features a fluffy cat tail.

The romper is made by Japanese designers ekoD Works using their innovative “delusion mapping technology” that brought us wardrobe staples like this.

We can’t think of a single occasion when that t-shirt would be inappropriate.

If anyone dares suggest that your kid’s tail isn’t real, the romper comes with its very own cheeky butt-crack peep-hole to prove them wrong.

Seems legit.

It also comes in pink for cat girls.

And with prices starting at $43, it’s a small price to pay to make human babies more interesting.

Babies just dribble, eat, and sleep. It’s a wonder we haven’t decorated them with furry appendages before, frankly.

You can buy the rompers here.