Stranger Comforts Woman On Plane After Other Passengers Call Her A “Drug Addict”

Tom Scholzen was traveling from SLC to Minneapolis when he heard some passengers mock one woman.

The flight attendant was bringing an older woman to her seat. But as she was making her way there, Tom could hear other passengers saying, “meth head”, “drug addict”, and “tweeker”.


The woman sat down in the aisle in front of Tom and he could clearly see that she did not have control of certain motor skills. She was also very fidgety and her hands shook, along with constant head movements.

Tom said that he could see that the lady was upset, confused, and frightened. After the woman had put on her seat belt, she had a hard time opening her purse.

When she opened it, Tom could see that she had several boarding passes inside, which meant she had more flights.

Tom saw that she looked at the wrong boarding pass which led her to sitting in the wrong seat. She thumbed through her boarding passes, but stopped as she covered her face and started to cry.

Tom wanted to help her, but as he started to unbuckle his seat belt, the passenger sitting across the aisle saw that the woman was crying.

The other passenger, who was a complete stranger, offered some tissue, helped her organize her boarding passes, and listened to her. She even offered to take the woman to her next flight once they landed.


Tom then said, ” I don’t know who the distraught lady was, nor her health issues, etc nor is it my business! What is my business is that I don’t like to see anyone hurt, even strangers. Regardless of what people look like on the outside, you never know what storm is raging inside.”

“Kindness goes a long way…If you know this woman, I hope you tell her how amazing she is! Instead of showing judgment she showed compassion.”

“Thank you to the anonymous angel that was on my flight today…your kindness was a lil piece of heaven!”