10 Subconscious Signs A Man Likes You

Love is a feeling that I want to have forever. It’s a melody, a rhythm and a dance. You can’t force love – it happens when you least expect it.

It feels as if you’ve been taken over by something greater than yourself. If you think about your life without the person then everything just seems grey and boring.

So how do you know if a man likes you?

1. He gives you a genuine smile

He looks you in the eyes and then suddenly his cheeks start to rise. It’s a genuine smile that reaches into your soul and gives you butterflies!   

2. He laughs at your jokes

Even if they’re not that funny.

He’s not just humoring you, he genuinely enjoys your company and the sound of your laughter.

3. He stands up straight when you’re around

He wants to make sure that he looks his best. He’s not slouching! Not only does he want to look good but it also shows respect for you.

5. He will start to use your name more often

He might call you by your name when you’re not even around. This is because he wants to create a sense of intimacy with you.

6. He leans in when he talks to you

It’s a sign that he’s interested in what you have to say and wants to get closer to you.

7. He starts mirroring your body language

If you cross your arms, he will cross his arms. If you uncross your arms and lean in closer, he will do the same. This is called mirroring and it’s a subconscious way of telling you that he is interested in you.

8. He touches you frequently

It could be a tap on your shoulder, or an arm around your waist.

9. He remembers the little details about you

The fact that he remembers your birthday, or that you don’t like olives is a sign that he’s paying close attention to you and wants to make a good impression.

10. He takes an interest in what you have to say

He will become more attentive and listen more intently when you’re talking. This is because he wants to learn more about you so he can build a deeper connection with you.

If a man displays most of these behaviors, it is likely that he is interested in you. Of course, some of these signs are more indicative than others. For example, if a man stands up straight while watching sports on TV with his friends, it isn’t necessarily due to attraction. However, if he does this when standing next to you, then it is very likely that he’s trying to impress you.

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