Man Pulls Woman With Him In Front Of Subway, Killing Them Both

A man and a woman died after they both intentionally jumped in front of a train at the Broadway Junction subway station in Brooklyn. The incident happened on Thursday afternoon at around 4:45 P.M.


Initially, the pair were thought to have been in their 30s. But NYPD said early morning on Friday that the man, who was 54-years-old, pulled Cynthia Raiser, 42, onto the track bed from the platform. They were both struck by a Manhattan-bound C train.

NYPD reports that Raiser was pronounced dead at the scene. The man was then rushed to Brookdale Hospital but was later pronounced dead. It wasn’t clear whether the pair knew each other and what the man’s motive was for pulling the woman with him onto the train tracks.

Commuters were stuck at the stations during rush hour. There were significant disruptions in both Queens and Brooklyn during that evening. Train lines resumed their services by late Thursday.

Authorities are still conducting an investigation on the incident.

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