25 Best Sun Tattoo Designs for Women

Sun tattoos are bright and images that represent fun times, relaxing vacations, and optimistic thoughts. It is a picker-upper for those who have troubles during the cold winter months. It is a constant reminder that no matter the worries of dark nights, the sun will come up and brighten the new day. “Sunny” is not just an attitude, but also a tattoo that is close to the heart.

Sun images range from traditional sun faces, to stylized line drawings of half suns with short rays. It can represent not just the sunrise and sunset, but also the heat of noon time, and ancient, exotic and tropical countries. A sun with waves, or palm trees remind us of the beach. The sun and moon represent the relationship between celestial opposites. A sun tattoo is a playful symbol for any sun worshipper.

1. Traditional Sun Tattoo

Getting a sun tattoo allows you to be flexible and versatile about the technique, design, and placement. It is something that you can wear discreetly or to be displayed. Having a sun tattoo is appealing to women because of the limitless designs possible. All of them are unique and meaningful. When you choose to have a traditional sun ink, it can be presented in a simple circle with rays. The conventional technique is an old-school style that highlights the bold lines of the images. It can be a solid, simple black design or in big, bold colors. 

2. Simple Sun Tattoo

Women with a laid-back personality will love a simple sun tattoo. This design focuses more on the shapes and the outlines. There are no complicated details and intricacies, but it carries the same meanings with it. It also looks great even without colors or shadings because everything necessary to make a statement is right there. Opting for this fundamental design also makes for a quicker and cheaper inking session. 

3. Small Sun Tattoo

The extensive and detailed tattoo designs are eye-catching statement pieces. But smaller tattoos are also appealing and charming. If you are opposed to having those big designs, you can opt to have a meaningful yet tiny sun ink design. Also, small tattoos give you unlimited placement options because they are more discreet, but cute too. You can cover it up or show it off whenever you wish. This tattoo design is dainty and girly. It is perfect for a first tattoo design. 

4. Fun Summer Sun Tattoo

For women who love summer, getting a fun sun tattoo is an excellent choice for your next ink session. The sun can be glorious, especially in hot summer months. It feels like it is hitting down on you as you lounge down on the beach. Create a design that depicts its power while keeping it fun and charming. A circle with twisting line rays is a lovely image that will remind you of summertime every time you look at it. 

5. Mandala Sun Tattoo

A mandala is a beautiful image on its own. It is created with shapes and symbols made intricately to bring a sense of balance and harmony. When created using the sun as the main symbol, it symbolizes passion, energy, spiritual growth, and creativity. Women around the world are fascinated when they see unique mandala tattoos, and it’s no wonder why they’d love to have one of their own too.   

6. Tribal Sun Tattoo

Many tribal tattoo designs look cool and unique. The tribal sun is relatively simple body art, but it has distinct symbolism. It is associated with the balance between Earth and the sun that gives light and warmth. Without the sun, nothing on Earth will exist. This tattoo explores this concept and offers honor to an element that brings light, fertility, and creativity. What the sun means may differ from one culture to the next, so when choosing a tribal sun design, choose something that resonates deeply with you. 

7. Yellow Sun Tattoo

From childhood age until we grow up, we draw images of the sun using the color yellow. Yellow is associated with the light and warmth that the sun brings. It is the perfect shade to depict optimism and happiness. If you intend to have a colorful sun tattoo, choose yellow for an impressive, standout finish for your sun tattoo design. 

8. Half Sun Tattoo 

When choosing a tattoo design, a woman is inspired by the unique design and considers the meaning behind it. The sun is an element that represents light, life, power, and strength. Often, it is depicted as a circular image with rays coming out, but it can also be designed as a half-sun. Depending on how you see it, some people look at it as living an incomplete life. On the other hand, some people combine the half-sun design with a half-moon for balance and harmony. 

9. Sun Rays Tattoo

The rays of the sun are viewed to have spiritual elements. The light that shines down from the sun can be interpreted in various ways. Having this design as a tattoo is a fantastic choice for the spiritual woman. You can also combine other elements with sun rays, such as praying hands, dove, or rosary. It can also be viewed as a focus on life because nothing on Earth can survive without it. The sun provides us heat, energy, and light. You can be specifically creative on how you wish to express your thoughts through this unique body art. 

10. Sun Face Tattoo

While many people depict the sun as a circle with rays coming out, some are extra creative. You can add facial features like eyes, nose, or mouth to your sun tattoo and make it come to life. Depending on how you want your design to look, the interpretation remains unique to you. The sun face tattoo is a charming, feminine tattoo for the first-timers too. 

11. Tangled Sun Tattoo

The movie Tangled by Disney earned millions of fans around the world. They also gave women an excellent design idea for a unique and impressive sun tattoo. The Tangled sun tattoo has charming, feminine details and is a popular choice for strong-willed ladies. It symbolizes hope and light. Choose bright and bold colors or details that you like so that they reflect your bold personality perfectly. 

12. Embellished Sun Tattoo

The sun is a powerful image, and it is associated with life, light, and strength. Women who worship the sun can create unique tattoo designs and include ornaments for intricate body art. A sun tattoo with such embellishments requires some space. Thus it is ideal to have this inked on the thigh or at the back for more important details. 

13. Bold Sun Tattoos

For women who like a badass sun tattoo style, getting a bold and big star on the back is sure to give you a lifetime of inspiration and motivation. This design comprises thick, solid black ink that will get people to take a second look. Well-executed bold sun tattoos look beautiful anywhere they are placed on the body. But if you like them extensive and intricate, have it done on your back. 

14. The Sun Will Rise Tattoo

Music and song lyrics often serve as great inspirations and motivations for women, especially during challenging times. If you have a quote or a song lyric that particularly moves you, it can be included in your sun tattoo design. The rising sun represents new beginnings, and every time it rises, it means that you are given another chance to try again. So even if you are having a tough time, this ink will remind you that there is always tomorrow. 

15. Rising Sun Tattoo

The rising sun is associated with Japanese culture. It comes from the country’s previous flag, which depicts a red sun and rays on a white background. It was spread by the military during World War II and represented the country’s empire. This inking looks marvelous when inked in full and vivid colors. However, some people consider this tattoo offensive. Thus, be sure to research the perfect design first before having it inked on your body. 

16. Setting Sun Tattoo

Sunsets are romantic and enchanting times. These also happen to be some of the most photographed daily events. Translated to a tattoo, it takes a talented artist to bring the magic of sunsets to life. The sunset tattoo is an emotional drawing full of meaning.

17. Filipino Sun Tattoo

As with other cultures, Filipinos hold plenty of significance to the sun, and three stars are also found in the Philippine flag. The design represents unity in adversity, and it is associated with everything Filipino. Those who are proud of their Filipino heritage use these elements as a perfect tattoo design. It has also become very popular with the rest of the world.

18. Aztec Sun Tattoo

The Aztec culture, designs, and images are fascinating. They hold great mysteries and symbolism. The Aztec Sun ink represents the link between the heavens and life on Earth. It symbolizes power. The image depicts an ancient God worshiped by Aztecs. They also believed that an eclipse signifies the death of the Sun god. An Aztec Sun tattoo design is not only meaningful, but it is also a cool and unique design that you can show off by placing on your arm, shoulder, or back. 

19. Hippie Sun Tattoo

A hippie sun tattoo design is a common choice by women who are into Yoga and meditation. Sun worshipping is a common practice, and it is understandable if these women would like to have hippie sun tattoo designs. It is created with bold black lines that represent balance and harmony. 

20. Geometric Sun Tattoo

If you want a visually unique tattoo design, consider getting a geometric tattoo featuring the sun’s image. This element is associated with stability, balance, and mystery. A geometric sun tattoo can have distinct meanings depending on the wearer. The style can be abstract body art that you can discuss with your artist to develop the design you love. Detailed and intricate body art like this deserves a particular placement. Some popular options include the back, shoulders, and arms. 

21. Sun and Lotus Tattoo

When choosing elements to put together, women often choose images that best represent their personality and inner thoughts. These images can be designed uniquely overlapping to create complete body art that best describes the wearer. The sun signifies life, and the lotus is a symbol of purity – thus, these two are perfect elements for a woman looking for her next tattoo design. 

22. Wave and Sun Tattoo

When these two elements are combined in a tattoo design, the wear presents a simple yet powerful body art. The sun is a source of energy and light, while the ocean’s waves represent life’s high and lows. This design can be seen as another option to showcase nature’s balance or the flow of energy. It appeals mainly to those who have overcome troubles in their mind. It is a great reminder to take one step at a time. 

23. Sun and Moon Tattoo

Women are very fussy when it comes to their tattoo designs. The sun and moon images are two of the most preferred elements that you will see them wear. Getting a tattoo with these two images together represents the balance between opposites. It can symbolize good or bad omens, life or death, and male and female energies. It is a visually impressive and powerful statement to wear. You can choose from various designs that are intricate, detailed, or simple. It is a great ink design for modern women.

24. Sun and Moon Yin Yang Tattoo

The Yin and Yang symbol represents the ancient Chinese philosophy focusing on harmony and unity of two different concepts. The sun and the moon are two images that come from two opposite sides, but they work well together and achieve balance for the world. A yin yang sun and moon tattoo design may be interpreted as a new beginning and dark past. It is an excellent choice for women who wish to focus on the future. 

25. Sun Moon Star Tattoo

Love heavenly bodies a little too much? Then use the three main elements to come up with an artwork that is rich in meaning. There are many ways to interpret a tattoo design that combines the sun, moon, and star elements. The most common association of this design is the family. The moon represents the female, the sun is male, and the stars are the children. It is a beautiful celebration of the family and can be a tribute to your loved ones. Have this ink design placed on a spot where you can see it often so that you will constantly be reminded of your loved ones. 


What does a sun tattoo symbolize?

In ancient civilizations, the sun was believed to be a god that guarded the sky, and provided protection for the earth. Nowadays, the sun is seen as the energy source that powers the earth and humankind. It is also a reminder of sunny weather, a bright future, and fun times at the beach. Another interpretation is that the sun lights up the truth hidden under shadows.

Where is the best placement for a sun tattoo?

A sun tattoo can be as simple as lines and circles, or as complex as flowing colors, and stylized sun faces. It can also be any size that fits the space available. A sun tattoo can be placed on the wrist, back, shoulders, arms, or thighs.

What does a red sun tattoo mean?

The red sun tattoo symbolizes the sunrise, and the concept of cyclical renewal. The sun will set, and the it will rise with blazing colors. It also signifies new beginnings, especially after troubling times.

What does a setting sun tattoo signify?

The setting sun tattoo signifies different things to different people. Scenery or added details provide context to a setting sun. It can be an inspiration, love, peace, hope, and beauty. It can also be life and death.