Switch Bot Is A Tiny Robot That Lets You Flip Any Switch Even When You’re Away

Switch Bot is the world’s smallest remote robot. It mechanically controls all switches and buttons wherever you are…yes, even when you’re a whole continent away!

Installing “smart switches” is a complicated task that requires either professional help or an experienced set of hands.


Not to mention it’s at a price point that not a lot of us are able to reach. But what if you just want a smart and simple solution that’s also affordable?

With Switch Bot, you can press or toggle any button when you’re not home or too lazy to get off the couch.


Simply connect the device to the app on your smart phone, and attach the Switch Bot next to any switch, button, or toggle using the included 3M sticky tape. You’ll then be able to remotely flip and switch, button, or toggle wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re half-way across the world, or a few feet away on the couch, just use your smart phone to activate the switch.

The Switch Bot got their funding via Kickstarter, and if you’d like to make an order for this tiny robot, just go check out their official page.


The Switch Bot started shipping to backers last June 2017, so go and get yours now!