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T.J. Holmes Had Years-Long Affair With a ‘Good Morning America’ Producer Before Amy Robach

T.J. Holmes is making headlines for a new romance. Reports that Holmes had an affair with a Good Morning America producer surfaced only days after news of his connection with Amy Robach leaked.

At the time, this producer also collaborated with Robach. In late 2017, the producer left GMA.

Regarding Holmes and Robach’s affair, which has been “carrying on in secret for quite some time,” two sources indicated that the couple will not face disciplinary action since they are two consenting coworkers who are equals in a relationship.

It’s unclear whether Holmes’ connection with the former GMA producer is the same.

“There has still been no word from management addressing their relationship, but that’s all anyone can talk about around the office,” a source said of Holmes and Robach. “When and if they will ever address the elephant in the room, it’s still unclear.”

In terms of Holmes and Robach’s marriages, both Robach and her husband, Andrew Shue, and Holmes and Fiebig divorced before the new connection became public.

Holmes didn’t wear his wedding ring on GMA after the news of his romance surfaced, and Robach hasn’t worn it on Instagram since October.

Shue and Robach sold their New York City apartment the next month. Shue erased posts depicting or relating to his wife from his Instagram account after Robach and Holmes’ connection became public.

“It’s been rumored that Amy and Andrew have had issues over the years so no one would be surprised if a divorce is in the works,” the source said.

“The reality is [Amy] and T.J. have always had chemistry, so this match makes sense,” the source said. “Also, Amy and T.J. are both adults, making adult decisions, who happen to also be in the public eye, so they’re under a magnifying glass that isn’t particularly fair. They both are together, willingly and that’s all that should matter.”

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