Taco Place Floods With Orders After Owner’s Daughter Says Her Mom Needs ‘Customers for Christmas’ in Viral TikTok

The heartfelt plea had an immediate and overwhelming response, with customers from all around the area flocking to the taco restaurant.

Isabel and her mother, owner of El Milagro Tacos, were amazed by the surge of support and remain grateful for the kindness shown by the community.


I wish I could give her customers for Christmas

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A video of Taco-Bout-Joy went viral on social media, quickly amassing nearly 44 million views. As a result, business at the Glenview, Ill. restaurant has been booming – and shows no signs of slowing down. Owners Joy Milan and Kack Keomanivong came to the U.S. as refugees from Laos in the 1980s and opened Taco-Bout-Joy in October.

According to Newsweek, they had grown up in poverty and were aiming to fulfill the American dream. Thanks to the 44 million views of their viral video, their dream has come true.

Jordyn Kack, daughter of restaurant owner Kack, reported that her cousin Isabel’s viral TikTok video brought a flurry of customers to the restaurant. Jordyn noted that Isabel “didn’t think much about it” when she posted the video, yet within hours cars “flooded in” and business was booming.

“Originally Joy and Kack had no idea what was happening,” Jordyn said. “It wasn’t until they got to the restaurant and we explained the situation that they realized.”

“We sold over 150 birria tacos alone,” Jordyn added. “We ended up selling out of birria, shrimp, guacamole, and sent out relatives to purchase more steak. I would say over 500 tacos were sold alone, not including burritos and tortas.”

“Thank you for helping and spreading the word about my mom and aunt’s restaurant,” Jordyn told the publication. “To go out and do something to support your community is very appreciated. Giving the recognition my family deserves is one of the best gifts to ever come from anyone!”

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