This Dad Was Terrified When His Foot Turned Black Overnight, But The Truth Behind His “Disease” Is Hilarious

Men around the world are taking to Twitter to share their experiences of a mysterious “disease” that is turning their feet an unusual color.

Dad Michael Onorati shared the below photo of his foot. He explained how he “woke up to a black foot” and spent “ten minutes” panicking, thinking it was “the old Raynauld phenomenon”.


Michael was referring to Raynauld’s disease, where arteries narrow and cut off blood supply to various body parts, resulting in numbness and changing skin color.

“I genuinely thought I’d got frostbite or some other weird infection. I was Googling all sorts of weird foot infections and getting a bit creeped out by this point. That was, until my wife came down the stairs and started laughing hysterically.”

Luckily for Michael, the reality was harmless — and hilarious.

“I then found out that the missus decided to use my socks as a fake tanning mitt,” he explained. And he wasn’t alone: as the image was shared online, others came forward with similar stories.


And while plenty of people shared their own fake-tanned toes, others had even funnier stories.

“My son ran out of toilet roll once when I was at work, so he used a wet wipe. When I got home, I discovered he’d used my tanning wet wipes,” wrote one mom.


Luckily, the mysterious Orange Foot condition is totally harmless — although it’ll take a little while to fade.


So remember, guys, next time you’re pulling on your socks, make sure the lady of the house hasn’t recently misplaced her tanning mitt…


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