Boy Who Wore Homemade Plastic Bag Soccer Shirt To Meet His Idol, Lionel Messi

A little boy wearing a soccer shirt made from a plastic bag bearing the name of his favorite soccer star, Lionel Messi, took social media by storm in January. Now, he could be set to meet his idol.

This photo of the devoted soccer fan in his homemade shirt quickly went viral and reportedly even touched the heart of Messi himself.

The boy’s dad told CNN, “When he suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night, he starts crying that he wants to go to Messi.”

It turned out that the boy’s father was unable to buy a real Messi jersey for his son, so his brother made the soccer fan the shirt.

But as the story spread, people were determined to help the anonymous boy meet his idol.

He was soon tracked down, not in Iraq as the original tweet suggested, but in Jaghori, Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Football Federation

Identified as Murtaza Ahmadi, the boy was contacted by the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) to organize a meeting between Murtaza and Lionel Messi.

No details about the meeting have been disclosed, but the AFF and Murtaza’s family are said to be arranging the meeting. Our faith in humanity has been restored.