Taylor Swift pauses concert three times as crowds struggled during Eras Tour show

Swifties everywhere are buzzing with admiration for Taylor Swift after she interrupted her Eras Tour concert multiple times to assist fans in distress.

Taking the stage at BT Murrayfield in Edinburgh, Scotland on Saturday (June 8), the “Cardigan” songstress was in the middle of her widely anticipated Eras Tour. However, her performance took a compassionate turn when she halted her set three times upon noticing fans struggling in the audience.

During her heartfelt rendition of “All Too Well,” Swift continued to sing but stopped strumming her guitar to direct security to a fan in need, pleading, “We need some help over there please.” The scene repeated itself during “Betty,” where she paused once more, gesturing to the crowd and stating, “We need some help right there.” A similar instance occurred while she performed “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” as she again called out for assistance.

Remarkably, this wasn’t the first time Swift had to stop her show in Edinburgh. Just the night before, on June 7, while performing a mash-up of “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” x “I Know Places,” Swift was recorded by an audience member as she stopped singing to call for help, saying: “We need help right in front of me please.” She determinedly continued, “Right in front of me. Just going to keep playing until we notice where it is. It’s right… Right there.”

“I’m just gonna keep playing ’til somebody helps them and then I’m gonna keep singing the song,” Swift declared, refusing to proceed with the song until the fan received the necessary aid. Fortunately, help arrived quickly, allowing the concert to continue.

Swift’s actions have sparked a tremendous wave of praise and support on social media.

One user on X exclaimed, “There is so much happening in this video, Taylor stopping singing until a fan gets help, the hand cramp AND Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve x I Know Places mash up. I can’t believe I seen this with my own eyes.”

“Taylor Swift: Proof that she can handle a crisis and hit those high still notes at the same time! Superwoman with a guitar,” another fan praised.

A third admirer commented, “She is an amazing human.”

These incidents highlight Swift’s unwavering commitment to her fans’ safety and well-being during her performances.