Taylor Swift Kicks Off Her Tour With A Free Concert And Pizza Party For Foster Kids

In two days, Taylor Swift will begin her Reputation World Tour in Arizona.

The pop star has been posting teasers and snippets of her rehearsals on her Instagram.

Over the weekend, Taylor did something extraordinary for a few special fans.

I want your midnights… 4 days til Reputation Stadium Tour 💕

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Instead of doing her full dress rehearsal in an empty stadium, she invited some guests. Taylor performed for a crowd of foster children and their parents.

At least 2000 tickets were given away to the foster kids and their families.


For a lot of these kids, it was their first time at a concert. But that wasn’t the only thing Taylor did. After the concert, she bought them pizza and held a meet and greet.

Though her performance was a full two hours, she made time to take pictures with everyone who was there. It took her a full three hours to meet the kids and their families.

“She bought pizza and cookies and brownies for the kids, and candy,” one of the mums in attendance said on her Instagram stories. “It was amazing. They’ll never forget that. First concert and a pizza party with Taylor Swift.”

Taylor is known to be very generous to her fans and that’s not the only thing she’s done recently.

One of her fans, an 8-year-old girl, was severely burned after a fire pit explosion on St. Patrick’s day.


Taylor took time out of her busy schedule to visit Isabella at the hospital since she can’t go to Taylor’s Reputation tour due to her injuries.

“When she was leaving, my daughter asked for a hug and Taylor turned around and said, ‘Absolutely – I didn’t want to hurt you,’” said Lilly. “They hugged and it was so heartfelt. I knew it meant a lot to Isabella.”


We don’t deserve Taylor Swift. She’s such an inspiration!