The Internet Is Divided On Whether This Recording Says Yanny Or Laurel

It’s the audio version of The Dress.

Remember in 2015 when the internet was divided when people disagreed what the color of this dress was?


It’s actually black and blue, but for a while this dress made its rounds around the web because there were people seeing it in white and gold.

Now, there’s an audio equivalent of it and it’s got people fighting over what they are hearing. Listen to it for yourself. Do you hear Yanny or Laurel?

The tweet was posted by 20-year-old Instagram influencer Cloe Feldman and its been liked more than 63,300 times and retweeted over 28,700 times. She originally posted it on her Instagram stories, letting viewers vote on what they heard. 51 percent of the vote went to Yanny. But sorry to break it to you, the robotic recording is actually the word Laurel.

Some people were replying to the tweet saying that they hear the word Yanny and others are saying that they only hear the word Laurel.

Before you go and take a trip to the doctor to have your ears checked, there’s an explanation why you’re hearing either of those words.

Through the Yanny/Laurel debate, people discovered that by changing the pitch of the recording, you can adjust what you hear. When the pitch of the recording is lowered, people hear Yanny more consistently than Laurel and vice versa.

You can try and listen to it again in different pitches so you can hear both. Also, what you hear can vary depending on whether you’re hearing it over speakers or earphones. So you can listen to it a thousand times, but one thing’s for sure, your brain is just trying to classify the sound waves you’re hearing to what you’re familiar with.