Teen Is Shocked When Confederate Flag Wearing Man Stopped To Change Family’s Flat Tire

Twitter user @chan_the_world was shocked when the man who came out of his car to help them was wearing a confederate flag t-shirt.


She took to twitter and shared the story of Cody, who didn’t mind getting dirty just to change the family’s tire.


Her post read, “So my dads tire blew up on the freeway and this dude, with a confederate flag tattoo, wearing a confederate flag t-shirt, with confederate flag car stickers, stopped and changed our tire.”


“My mind is blown, don’t judge a book by its cover y’all.”

She followed up the tweet with another one that said she didn’t identify as either liberal or conservative. She did however say that she doesn’t believe in flying the “Confederate flag or the Virginia battle flag.”

Since experiencing the face-to-face encounter with Cody, she has learned that not everyone has the same feelings towards the flag.

“Y’all associate the flag with different sentiments, not necessarily racist ones,” she tweeted. “Cody is a great guy and my dad and I are grateful for his help.”

Channnn then ended her piece by saying that though she disagrees with Cody supporting the flag, she still considers him a nice guy.

The tweet has been liked over 117,000 times and this experience shows that people can surprise us in the most unlikely ways. Though this topic doesn’t exactly change anyone’s opinion, it’s an opportunity for conversation and trying to understand one another.