Texas Returns To Pre-Pandemic Life; Lifts All Restrictions

As of Wednesday, the State of Texas has returned to pre-pandemic living. They have canceled mask mandates and businesses can now function at full capacity. 

The Lone Star state is one of the first to declare “business as usual” even after 500,000 deaths due to the coronavirus.

Governor Greg Abbott, however, said the relaxation of restrictions comes after they have monitored steady declines in new daily COVID-19 cases and the rollout of vaccines.  

Some business owners, for their part, said they would still require that masks be worn in their stores.

This is the first time since July last year that residents are no longer required to wear a mask.   

Abbott had said when he announced the state’s reopening: ‘We must now do more to restore livelihoods and normalcy for Texans by opening Texas 100 percent. 

He added, ‘Make no mistake, COVID-19 has not disappeared, but it is clear from the recoveries, vaccinations, reduced hospitalizations, and safe practices that Texans are using that state mandates are no longer needed.’

So far, over 4.5 million Texans have received at least one vaccination shot. Texas also has plans to roll them out to restaurant, grocery and transportation workers.