Dad Tweets The Crazy Stuff His Little Girls Say And Do, And It’s Hilarious

Dad and blogger James Breakwell might just be the funniest parent on Twitter as he documents the hilarious (and bizarre) conversations he has with his young daughters.

Over 300,000 followers keep up with the girls’ imaginative playtime.

And the nightmare that is family photography.

And the mysteries of young love.

Although it’s not always that mysterious.

There’s the classic chat about the birds and the bees (sort of).

And he’s pretty sure he’s passed on some important character traits.

But those girls have got some serious sass.

And sometimes they outsmart their dad.

And sometimes they’re just too honest.

Except when it comes to cookie-stealing.

They’re already thinking about their inheritance.


James also shares beautiful moments with his youngest daughter.

And the pearls of wisdom passed on by his own father.

But the best ones are the attitude-filled chats with the girls.

And the impractical places they take naps.

He documents their developing creative skills.

Even if he gets in trouble sometimes.

It’s worth it for the laughs.


Even if they exclude James sometimes…

…his little girls always have time to play with their dad (but they’re in charge).

And although James sees through their devious plans…

…mostly his daughters just terrify him.

You can keep up with James on Twitter.

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