Police Ask Belgians Not To Tweet About Terror Raids So They Post Cat Pictures Instead

Following the Paris attacks, officials conducting anti-terror raids around Belgium asked for “social media silence” to keep potential suspects in the dark. Witty Belgians rose to the challenge purr-fectly, swamping the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown with — what else? — pictures of cats.

“For security, please respect the radio silence on social media concerning the police operations underway in Brussels.”

With only Twitter, the Internet’s cat-alogue of kitty memes, and national news for company, citizens found a hilarious way to bury potentially sensitive Tweets.

“Don’t share info … Confuse them with #cat pics”.


Belgians stuck inside soon found a way to make light of the situation.

From kitty costumes…


…to famous villains…


…and superheroes.


These cats have everything under control.


Utilsing the latest in cat-tastic technology.


And following vigorous research of military strategy.

Talks were under way.

Plus inspired use of the cone of shame.


These cats weren’t pussy footing around.


As the hashtag spread, other countries offered  their support and praised Belgium’s humor.


The Belgian Crisis Center thanked the public for their bravery and the social media cat-out.

Belgium has set the bar pretty high, so next time Twitter gets itself in a tizz about public safety, you know what to do (as if you needed another reason to post cat photos).