Woman Hilariously Documents Her Lonely Honeymoon After Husband Is Denied A Visa

In good times and in bad, for better or for worse — one woman took those vows a little bit too seriously.

Huma and Arsalaan have been a couple for almost 3 years.

They got married last December and were set to have their second honeymoon last month, until they ran into a slight mishap: Arsalaan wasn’t able to get a Visa in time. Huma originally didn’t want to go on with the trip without him, but since it was already paid for, she ended up going with her in-laws.

And well, let’s just say she handled it the best she could.

Now, this situation would seem like hell for any other spouse, but this one’s got a ton of spunk in her.

Like any wife, she sent her husband photos of all the places they planned on seeing together to let him know how much she missed him.

“At first it was a way to tell him that I’m missing him, but then it became something I enjoyed,” Huma said.

She got the idea to do the ‘hover hand’ when her husband sent a similar photo when he was in Budapest without her.

At some point of the trip, she dropped her phone in the Aegean Sea, so she started doing two ‘hover hands’ to show the things she was missing the most.

From the looks of it, it could’ve been the perfect honeymoon. Y’know, if the Greek Embassy hadn’t messed it all up.

A modern day Greek tragedy, we say.