These 19 Criminal Pet Duos Are Being Publicly Shamed For Their Evil Teamwork

We’ve all seen pet shaming for the mischievous pets out there, but now animals everywhere are teaming up to wreak havoc in their humans’ homes. Here are some of the worst offenders being publicly shamed for their wicked deeds.

#1. These two are in the shady business of sock destruction.

#2. These dogs thought they got away with it.

#3. This guy learned his lesson the hard way.

#4. At least they’ve got the decency to look guilty.

#5. Puppy dog eyes won’t get you out of this one.

#6. You better hope Jesus will forgive your sins.

#7. We don’t know who’s worse.

#8. These law-breakers just couldn’t care less.

#9. These guys are pleading ignorance.

#10. And these Bassett Hounds were caught red-pawed.

#11. The lack of respect shown for the victim in this case is just shocking.

#12. These guys have landed themselves in the sin bin.

#13. Even guinea pigs are getting in on the shocking criminal gang trend.

#14. These pups are taking inspiration from literature to grab headlines.

#15. At least this cat has the decency to look traumatized.

#16. So much for the infinite loyalty of dogs.

#17. This evil mastermind has found his gullible servant.

#18. These pups’ pillow-destroying days are numbered.

#19. It’s no use playing the “innocent bystander” card.

You couldn’t trust these criminal critters as far as you could throw them. Beware the furry fiends living in your home.

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