27 Pictures That Will Put A Smile On Your Face For The Rest Of The Day

#1.Ā This dad who makes any excuse to dress up.

Twitter: @sammiemccomb

#2. This ardent banana lover.

Twitter: @kmdaugherty

#3.Ā This man who found a like-mindedĀ friend.

Twitter: @sydney_mckae

#4. This grandpa and his new dog.

Twitter: @JessAmante4

#5.Ā This royal princess.

Twitter: @graysonl3

#6.Ā This dad’s new phone case.

Twitter: @tmackisey

#7.Ā This vain toilet.

Twitter: @ahoybailey

#8. This dogā€™s terriblyĀ unfortunateĀ haircut.

Twitter: @JoshPit40Ā Twitter: @JoshPit40

#9. This girl who cooks tiny pancakes for her petĀ chickens.

Twitter: @sarahk343

#10. This family’sĀ fascination withĀ Buscemi.

Twitter: @claremaura