25 Sexy Thigh Tattoos For Women

There are only so few places which are great for the placement of a sexy tattoo. Anything you put on the thigh would tend to be sexy. It’s like a miniskirt which catches the attention of a crowd in a public place. Unwittingly, the thigh tattoo asks to be viewed, but not touched. There is an air of nonchalance to a thigh tattoo. It is sexy, because it is on the thigh. Those who notice it can only accept that the tattoo caught their eye.

The thigh is a great place for a tattoo because it has a large expanse of skin. It also has a singular surface which that is great for long curvy tattoo.

1. Small Tattoo on Thigh

Another trending tattoo style that many women find appealing is the small, delicate, and feminine tattoos. Getting a small thigh tattoo is a discrete choice if you want meaningful ink, but you don’t want to show it off every day. Some popular designs include words, shapes, and Roman Numerals. You may also make it more unique by choosing your favorite color instead of having it in plain black ink. 

2. Cute Tattoos

When we say cute tattoo, it often features a young and playful feel while keeping that distinct feminine element. Often cute tattoos are designed to be small with a cartoon style to achieve a cuteness factor. Some popular designs are food, anime, animals, and others.  

3. Front of Thigh Tattoo

Many women find a front-of-thigh tattoo to be an appealing and popular choice in recent years. This placement allows for a detailed design as it provides a larger canvas for a flattering and sexy ink. It draws the eye vertically towards your upper thigh, so your leg appears slimmer. Choose a design that will accentuate your curvy thigh and extend to your hip. When the bikini season starts, all eyes will be on your thigh.

4. Side Thigh Tattoo

For a large and bold tattoo design, many women prefer to get inked on the side of their thighs. It is an ideal placement whether you want a detailed or minimal tattoo design. Discuss with your artist your chosen image and make sure that it will flatter your body’s natural shape when viewed. You may also opt for a large floral design with clever shading that makes the most of your curves or a long and slim image to make your legs look longer. 

5. Inner Thigh Tattoo

Another sexy placement for women is the inner thigh tattoo. This spot is very private and intimate. Thus only specific eyes will be able to see it. An inner thigh tattoo has a sensual touch because some women choose to get inked with their lover’s nickname on this spot. Other common choices are special symbols, quotes, and some personal secrets that they can share with their special ones.

6. Hip and Thigh Tattoo

Some ladies want an attention-grabbing ink design, and getting a bold and sexy tattoo on the hip and thigh is a perfect choice. This placement allows for a more detailed, intricate, and larger design so you can explore as much as you want. Ideally, you should pick out something that compliments your body and incorporates your curves. Some top choices are swimming fishes, dragons, or snake tattoos. Ask your artist to draw the design with a vertical axis to draw the eyes down and make your thigh look slimmer. 

7. Upper Thigh Tattoo

Although larger thigh tattoos are popular among women, choosing a small upper thigh tattoo is also a sexy option to make. Getting a small ink design on your upper thigh creates a sensual effect because it is an intimate spot – and it is not visible to other people. Only those that you allow being close to your body can see it. Thus it is essential to choose a tattoo design that has a personal meaning for you. Some popular choices for this spot are symbols that are unique to you, stars, phrases, or words.  

8. Back of Thigh Tattoo

Thigh tattoos are popular placement options for both males and females. The back of the thigh provides a sexy placement if you want to draw attention to your legs and your shapely rear. It will look great if you love wearing mini skirts or shorts. Your artist should follow the curve of your thigh when rendering the tattoo. Ideally, it must be something truly feminine, as many flowers for a dainty and pretty design. On the other hand, you have to remember that cellulite can impact the look of thigh tattoos in women. Those with high cellulite may opt for a side thigh or front-of-thigh tattoo.     

9. Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo works wonderfully well with Japanese Irezumi or Chinese tattoo styles similar to the snake tattoo. It will look great when placed on your thigh because it features a curved profile that will complement your curves. Likewise, dragons are a sexy tattoo option for women because they are linked with feminine power in Eastern cultures. You will love its symbolism and colorful image. Thus be sure to consider this for your next ink. 

10. Lion Thigh Tattoo

Women who want a tattoo that will symbolize their confidence, boldness, bravery, power, and strength will easily relate with a lion tattoo. This design appeals to people who strongly believe in themselves and know their capabilities. A lion or lioness tattoo will be a perfect image to place on the thigh because you have plenty of options to personalize it. You can combine a lion and flowers, a lion’s head, or a photorealistic lion art.

11. Tiger Thigh Tattoo

A woman with a fierce personality will find the fiery, passionate, and intense representations of the tiger tattoo perfect for their next ink. A tiger tattoo is a bold choice, and it will pair up beautifully with your sexy thigh placement. Ask your artist to create the tiger following the curve of your thigh and hips. You may also add other elements like flowers or stars to make your ink even more unique and help express what you want to say

12. Snake Tattoo 

Snake tattoos are also a pretty popular thigh placement for women. The snake’s curved body gives a certain sexy feel to the image rendered. Also, snakes are linked with transformation, intelligence, mystery, and female energy. Thus they make appealing tattoo design choices for women. On the other hand, snakes are also associated with temptation. 

13. Butterfly Tattoo

If you are looking for a classic and feminine design that represents new beginnings, a butterfly tattoo is a perfect choice for you. It makes for a beautiful thigh tattoo, especially for women who have undergone many changes in the past. Butterflies are dainty, and there are plenty of ways to express creativity in designing this ink. Your artist can create a delicate yet detailed design with plenty of intricate movements on its wings. 

14. Rose Thigh Tattoo

Floral tattoos are a pretty hot choice among women looking for their next ink inspiration. Among the blooms, roses are one of the most popular classic designs. Roses look beautiful wherever you place them because of their soft petals. These tattoos are also meaningful and dramatic. In most cases, it is associated with passion, love, and beauty. For a rose thigh tattoo, a hyper-realistic style will be incredibly eye-catching. But you can also have a delicate and tiny stylized rose if you want something more simple. 

15. Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo design that symbolizes enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth, look at a lotus flower tattoo design. This flower has various spiritual meanings in different cultures. The most popular is associated with purity in Eastern beliefs. This flower is known to bloom beautifully despite its murky surroundings.  

16. Sunflower Tattoo

For a naturally beautiful ink design, choose a sunflower tattoo. It symbolizes optimism, health, loyalty, good luck, and good health. Among various floral subjects, the sunflower is incredibly lovely and evokes warm and happy feelings. It also makes for a popular thigh tattoo for women because it creates a vertical view to make your legs look slimmer and highlights your curves.  

17. Tribal Thigh Tattoo

Women who are not interested in girly or feminine design may find a tribal thigh tattoo an appealing alternative. It has a sleek design that will highlight your thigh curves and give you a sexier profile. Tribal tattoos are pretty popular in various cultures. Check if your chosen design is appropriate before getting it inked on your skin. 

18. Mandala Tattoo

Another beautiful and meaningful tattoo design that you should consider placing on your thigh is the mandala. This symbol represents divine harmony, and it looks like a geometric figure radiating outward in a circular pattern. Those who practice Yoga will appreciate a colorful and lovely mandala tattoo design. It combines well with other elements like traditional Indian lines and the lotus flower for a beautiful hip and thigh ink. 

19. Bow Tattoo

This tattoo design is currently a prevalent trend among women. You will see matching bows on the back of their thigh, which is very appealing and feminine. Traditionally, bows are worn on their hair or clothes. Thus women found a creative way to use this image. Getting inked with bumps on the back of the thigh make it look like you are wearing stockings or garters, which is very sexy for women. 

20. Sun and Moon Tattoo

The sun and moon tattoo is also a popular tattoo design for both men and women. There are various ways to showcase this fantastic combination of elements. Some get them on the biceps, shoulders, and back. A sun and moon tattoo will look fantastic for women when inked on the thigh because of the ample space and curved features. Your sexy thigh will be highlighted by the rounded images and give it lots of aesthetic appeals.  

21. Celestial Tattoos

There is something profoundly mysterious and mesmerizing about outer space and astronomy. Thus, it’s not rare to find people who explore tattoo designs that depict celestial bodies like stars and constellations. When inked with the watercolor technique, this tattoo looks fantastic, like an artwork on the skin. The thigh is a perfect placement because it features enough space for the artist to create details and make it as intricate as possible. Likewise, the pain level remains low even when creating such a detailed design.

22. Scenic Thigh Tattoo

Are you interested in exploring various places for their scenic views? Women who love traveling may be interested in having a scenic tattoo design from their favorite travel destination. It can be a seascape with waves representing the high and lows of your life or a mountain scenery to represent the mountains that you move. Scenic tattoos are gorgeous, and they resonate well with women who embrace life to the fullest. This design is deeply personal and unique; you can also add other tattoo elements to achieve the symbolism you want to express. 

23. Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo

Dream catchers are meaningful crafts that originated from the Native American culture. Women make it of the tribes to protect their loved ones from evil spirits and nightmares. These hand-woven talismans are very pretty aesthetically, using various elements to produce a hoop, net, and feathers. Many people still rely on dreamcatchers for their safety and protection. Some also get inked with this craft in honor of their Native American heritage. It is also an ideal design for a thigh tattoo because the spot allows for detailed and delicate artwork. 

24. Sexy Tattoo

A thigh tattoo gives women a unique sensual vibe. Even when the design is not explicit or raunchy, women automatically feel sexy with a lovely thigh tattoo. However, what is still depends on the individual what image she considers as sexy. Some designs you can consider for a thigh tattoo are the classic pin-up girl or a lace garter ink. Sexy tattoos are all about personal choices and what you find attractive. 

25. Henna Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a personal commitment to make, and you have to be sure about the design you choose because you will wear it for a very long time. If you have not yet decided whether you are getting inked or not, you might want to try having a henna tattoo first. Henna ink is sourced from plants, and artists will draw the design using it instead of a needle. This tattoo style is not permanent, but it allows you to see the designs you have in mind before deciding to make it permanent. 


What tattoo is best for the thighs?

Any long curvy design would sit well on the thigh. Designs like a dragon, vines, or a dreamcatcher would look great and sexy on a woman’s thigh.

Which side of the thigh is best for a tattoo placement?

The outer part of the thigh, just above the knee is a good place for a tattoo. This portion of the leg has a large area for large tattoos. However, the upper inner thigh is a good place for an intimate tattoo. It is not usually visible to others, and only visible for certain persons to see.

How painful is a thigh tattoo?

The upper outer thigh is a good place for a tattoo. Tattooing on the upper outer thigh is not as painful as other body parts. It has a good padding of fat, and it has thicker muscles than almost everywhere else. These factors make the pain more bearable.

What to wear when getting a thigh tattoo?

It is best to wear loose clothing when getting a thigh tattoo. Jeans and other tight clothing will rub on the tattoo and may cause irritation and scabbing that might damage the skin, tattoo and cause infection.

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