This Guy’s Creation Helped Him Win Over 1,000 Twitter Competitions

Meet Hunter Scott. He’s a computer engineer from Georgia Tech who managed to do something pretty cool.

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Scott put his programming skills to good use and wrote a Twitter bot that automatically entered competitions. It won him on average four competitions per day, every day, for about nine months straight. Here are a selection of his wins:

The competitions asked followers to retweet a tweet with a chance of winning a fabulous trip to Miami, or a free ice-cream.

Scott’s bot, @racer236, retweeted around 165,000 of these competitions over the nine-month period.

“I won a lot of cool stuff, and getting mysterious things through my mailbox each day was pretty fun,” Scott said.

“The most valuable thing I won was a trip to New York Fashion Week, which included a limo ride to the show if you lived in a state near New York for you and a friend, and $500 spending money.”

The bot’s success rate was just under 1 per cent, but more than enough to win a mighty haul. Well played, sir.

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