90-Year-Old Spends 53 Years Building A Cathedral With His Bare Hands

With his frail physique and old age, you would never guess that 90-year-old Justo Gallego has been toiling at the Herculean task of building a huge cathedral. By hand. All by himself.

Around his town in the outskirts of Madrid, Justo is known as “The Madman”. They all thought him crazy when he first started this project back in 1963. But today, 53 years later, the building known by the locals as “Don Justo’s Cathedral” stands tall in its majestic splendor.

Gallego knows he will not be able to finish this project in his lifetime, but his unwavering faith would not let him stop setting brick upon mortar.


Without architectural or stone masonry training, this passionate man erected a building from absolutely nothing. And if that is not inspirational, I don’t know what is.