Watch This Idiot Jump Into A Bathtub Full Of Hot Sauce And Instantly Regret His Life Choices

Clearly someone misread the memo about spicy food being good for you because this dude just took ‘spice life’ to an extreme level.

YouTuber CemreCandar from the United Kingdom thought it would be fun to fill his bathtub with hot sauce… and then sit in it.


This isn’t the first time he’s filled his tub with something other than water and bubbles. In the past, he’s also filled it with 520 pounds of chocolate and 1,500 Oreos.

His most recent (and so far most idiotic) exhibition is filling that sweet tub with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce AND red peppers.


Watch the inevitable disaster below. In a matter of seconds, he says “Oh my God, it’s in my butt, oh it hurts,” in which the phrase “Really, Sherlock?” will come to mind.

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