Girl Stuck In Elevator Who Tweeted For Help Gets Reply — Seven Months Later

Amanda Carpenter got stuck in an Amtrak elevator at Washington International Airport last February, and the response was not what she was expecting.

In an attempt to get out, she tweeted her followers to let them know her situation.

After a while, she tweeted a photo of the elevator’s expired safety certificate.

Then, the elevator tweets stopped. Uh oh.

Amtrak eventually tweeted back to Carpenter asking if she was still trapped inside the elevator — seven months later.

Carpenter quickly replied:

The only reason Amtrak got back to Carpenter was because someone retweeted the 7-month-old tweet.

But the Internet quickly picked up on Amtrak’s blunder and responded hilariously.

So if you’re ever stuck in an elevator, maybe call 911 instead of waiting for the guy running a social media account somewhere to help…

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