30 Amazing Tree Tattoos for Men

The tree is a universal symbol of life and growth. In paintings and drawings, it also symbolizes, longevity, fortitude, strength and guardianship. Tree tattoos are as varied as the images it emulates. Objects of tattoos include palm trees, redwoods, oaks, pine trees, bonsai, and whole forests of trees.

An ancient image for tattoos is the tree of life which is taken from Celtic and Scandanavian myths, representing the world view and the root of all life. Palm trees are also a common tattoo image, especially for those that equate palms with beaches and a low-key lifestyle. Each tattoo has its own story, and these tree tattoo designs can inspire you to have your own body art.

1. Simple Tree Tattoo Design

If you prefer a simple, less intricate tattoo design, you can have a minimalist tree tattoo design instead. Tree tattoos do not need to be detailed or overly complicated to have deep meaning. Typically, trees represent life, longevity, and endurance. If you appreciate simpler tattoo designs, then a simple tree tattoo would be the perfect choice for you. 

2. Watercolor Tree Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo technique is the perfect choice for people who love everything vivid and full of life. Depending on the type of tree you choose, the meaning can also vary widely, but you can achieve a full-colored splash of color with an artistic watercolor design with the help of your artist. Choose a spot that is not exposed to sunlight because colored tattoos often fade quicker than other styles. 

3. Family Tree Tattoo

For men who value their loved ones above anything else, the family tree tattoo is the perfect choice to make. This excellent tree design will honor the people you hold dearest, whether they are alive or deceased. Family tree tattoo represents the endurance, strength, close bond, and love that you share. This tattoo design is made unique because you can customize it with your name or your clan name. Ideally, this design should be placed in areas with ample space to do justice to the intricate details in making this piece. 

4. Palm Tree Tattoo

When people see palm trees, they are reminded of tropical destinations and exotic holidays. These trees make excellent ideas for a tree tattoo because it reminds you of laid-back days and your future vacations. Every time you look at it, you’ll be motivated to work hard and achieve the things you want so that you’ll be closer to better days. Likewise, palm trees have a spiritual element and represent wisdom. The bible mentioned this tree several times, and it is considered a symbol of Jesus. 

5. Pine Tree Tattoo

Among the most recognizable trees on the planet is the Pine Tree. Using it as a tattoo design gives you a range of meanings and symbolism. Pine trees represent longevity and endurance, as these trees can live for many years. Likewise, some cultures consider the pine tree as a symbol of peace. This tattoo design will make fantastic body art, whether it is big or small. 

6. Willow Tree Tattoo

Another popular tree species that inspires a tattoo design is the Willow Tree. Having a willow tree tattoo is one great way of honoring your loved one who passed away. This tree is often referred to as the weeping willow because rain running off its bark resembles tears. Thus it is linked to commemorating one’s death. If you want to have this as your next tattoo design, you may also add your loved one’s name for a more personal touch. 

7. Olive Tree Tattoo

Dating back to ancient Greece, the olive tree branch has always symbolized peace. But typically, the olive tree is known to represent harmony and friendship. And because it grows even in places where there is less nutrition, olive trees are also linked with resilience and strength. If you’d like a tattoo that makes a statement, this design is one of a kind!

8. Tree of Life Tattoo

If you are looking for a visually exciting and intricate tree tattoo design, the tree of life is an exceptional choice to make. It is full of meaning, and it is associated with knowledge, wisdom, and eternity. The tree of life is said to represent the link between heaven and earth. If you are a man who profoundly contemplates life, this meaningful design will surely draw you in. Choose a placement that has ample space for details of this lovely ink design.

9. Oak Tree Tattoo

Different trees have different interpretations and associations, but they symbolize familial bonds, life, and endurance. The oak tree, for instance, represents strength and connection. It has deep roots that should remind you of the significance of a strong foundation. Likewise, oak trees play an important role in Celtic mythology. 

10. Joshua Tree Tattoo

The Joshua tree is considered a remarkable tree species because it thrives even in the most uninhabitable conditions. It has a twisted and bristled look, which makes it survive in harsh desert weather. This tree is associated with resilience. A religious group is said to have given its name because it reminds them of the Biblical story wherein Joshua raised his arms in prayer. 

11. Redwood Tree Tattoo

If you want a meaningful tree tattoo, you might also be drawn to a simple redwood tree tattoo design. Despite the simplicity, these trees are beautiful, and they are known to represent longevity and wellness. Redwood trees live for many years. Thus it is not hard to see why many are attracted to it. Choose your forearm as the placement for this ink design. It is an art that is worth showing off. 

12. Aspen Tree Tattoo

Aspen trees a mysterious quality about it, thus it is prevalent even in ancient literature. It has a mesmerizing way of moving with the wind, and it has a remarkable way of dancing with it. Men who choose to have an aspen tree tattoo can associate their design with protection and overcome self-doubt. The aspen is an appealing project for men who struggled in their past but overcame the challenges. 

13. Evergreen Tree Tattoo

Trees often change color and appearance as the season changes, except for the evergreen trees. It is a kind of tree that keeps its leaves green and lush all year through. It’s not hard to see why many people consider the evergreen tree a symbol of longevity and eternal life. If you have this as a tattoo, make sure to have it in entire colors and make it come to life. You can also be creative with other elements and your placement options. 

14. Birch Tree Tattoo

Birch trees are known worldwide as strong types of trees. It was featured in Celtic mythology, and it means renewal. This tree has long been associated with new beginnings. Thus, as a tattoo design, it is a significant one. A man who chooses a birch tree tattoo is probably working on leaving his dark past behind and focusing on the future. You may also opt for additional elements to make your design more unique. 

15. Korean Pine Tree Tattoo

Koreans love their pine trees because it symbolizes willpower and solid integrity. It is a common evergreen tree in the country, and it looks cool once rendered on the skin as body art. 

16. Cherry Blossom Tree

The cherry blossom tree is another interesting image for a tree tattoo. It is associated with life and the beauty that surrounds us. The cherry blossom tree has pink flowers, and it makes it a visually exciting plant. These pink blossoms vary in meaning in different cultures. Japanese people view cherry blossoms to be a symbol of our fleeting existence. The blooms do not last long. It quickly withers and falls. For a man who chooses the cherry blossom tree tattoo design,  it will serve as a reminder to be grateful for each day that comes. This design is best placed in areas that allow better expanse and details. 

17. Bonsai Tattoo

Bonsai trees are truly remarkable and unique. It is not only the size that makes it interesting. It is also linked to zen Buddhism. These trees are associated with peace and calm. Some people care for these dwarf trees in their homes where it serves as ornaments for its unique appearance. Bonsai trees can be hard to grow; they need to persevere and continue to grow. When used as a tattoo image, bonsai trees represent truth and beauty. 

18. Tree Branch Tattoo

A tattoo design must be something that you will never regret having. These are permanent body art that you choose as a reminder of something essential or connected with you. The tree branch tattoo is an excellent design for someone who wishes to have something that symbolizes growth. It represents the relationship or the strong bond that you have with a loved one. However, a broken branch may also mean loss or a break up with someone close. 

19. Tree Tattoo on the Leg

Although tree tattoos on the arm, forearm, sleeve, and back are prevalent, it is also not uncommon to see men with tree tattoos on the leg. Leg tattoos are also eye-catching and unique. The spot provides ample space for detailed and intricate tattoo designs. 

20. Tree Silhouette Tattoo

Some prefer to have an intricate and detailed tattoo design, but some like the simpler ones. The silhouette design is a perfect choice for those who are more reserved or laid-back but wish to have a tree tattoo. The kind of tree you choose to have differed, but the outline created will be an image that looks like a forest. Your tattoo design can be associated with serenity or nature. It is an excellent choice for someone who loves simple tree designs rendered in solid black ink.

21. Dead Tree Tattoo

Generally, trees symbolize life and eternity. On the other hand, a dead tree tattoo design has so much more sad meaning. A design of a dead tree is associated with sadness, loss, and bareness. It is an ideal tattoo design for a man who’s lost a loved one or had personal turmoil.  Other elements, such as ravens, can be added to make this design even more meaningful. 

22. Tree House Tattoo

A treehouse tattoo is a fun and unique idea for an inking session. Not only can you have the tree that you like, but you may also include other elements like a simple treehouse, swing leaves, and others. This tattoo design is not very common, and you can personalize it according to your desired meanings.  

23. Small Tree Tattoo

Small and tiny tattoo designs are pretty popular these days. They can be placed anywhere you like. You can have it on your wrist, finger, behind the ear, ankle, and other placement options you can think of. It looks incredible in solid black or colored design. Because of their small size, these tattoos can be exquisitely subtle and discreet. It can be easily covered up or shown. Also, small tattoos are more accessible to complete and less painful than more intricate designs. 

24. Colorful Tree Tattoo

Tree tattoos are often made with natural colors like shades of green and brown. Minimalistic tree designs use solid black ink. But it does not have to be like that all the time. You also have the option to have a colorful tree tattoo that catches everybody’s attention.

25. Tree Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo is a design made to cover up space in your upper arm as clothing would. When a man decides to have a tree sleeve tattoo, it is a well-thought-out design. Sleeve tattoos often have themes and creativity wherein various elements come together. It can also include symbols and patterns. A sleeve tattoo will grab attention, and men can slow it off often without wearing their shirts.

26. Tree Arm Tattoo

Arm tattoos are also prevalent for men because it is highly visible and it is less painful to have body art in this spot. It provides enough space if you wish to have a delicate and intricate tree tattoo with a long and slender body. You can look at your tree tattoo every day and be reminded of its meaning in your life. 

27. Tree Back Tattoo

For large, elaborate, and detailed tree tattoo design, choosing the back as your placement is the perfect option. It provides ample space for a great tree tattoo with expansive branches and leaves. A tree tattoo on this spot is expected to attract attention and will make a statement. But of course, choose a personal and intimate design to achieve the meaning that you want. 

28. Tree Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is an excellent placement for tattoo designs that you’ll want to see often. Most men love the idea of having a great tattoo design on this part of their body, and it’s less painful to have a tattoo in this spot than in other areas.  A tree tattoo will work perfectly in this spot because it provides a long and narrow space for the perfect tree tattoo design. 

29. Wrist Tree Tattoo

Another popular placement for tattoos is the wrist because it is visible, and it is perfect for cute and meaningful ink. It is ideal for simple tree tattoos that do not need large spaces or detailed design. More so, the wrist area has susceptible skin, and having a tattoo here can be pretty painful. 

30. Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo

Like the tree of life tattoo, the Celtic Tree of Life is also an intricate piece of body art that you can have for your next ink. What makes this design more remarkable is the presence of the Celtic knots, which is a significant part of the Irish heritage. These knots are used in various body art and artwork that pays tribute to their lineage. A Celtic Tree of Life represents balance and harmony. Men who value these qualities or are intrigued by the Irish culture will love to have this body art. 


Where is a good place for a tree tattoo?

The location of a tree tattoo depends on the size of the image. It can be a small tree on the wrist, or tall trees along the arms or legs. For a large oak or banyan tree, the back or the chest provides a large canvas.

How complex is a tree tattoo?

A tree tattoo can be as simple as a line drawing, showing the outline of the tree. However, whether large or small, a tree of life can be very detailed and complex.

What does the tree of life signify?

The tree of life signifies the person’s individuality. It is a reflection of how an individual grows strong and develops deep roots.

What is the best placement for a palm tree tattoo?

One of the best places for a palm tree tattoo is the forearm, where it can sway along as the arm moves. Another is the back or the shoulder blade. This area has the space and curves for the palm fronds.